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Members we have lost


List of Terms
shows awards of titles given by Their Royal Majesties that are listed after members names

THL Aldís Þorbjarnardóttir  (Meg Scherbatskoy), AoA, GoA, OBT, OSC
Pomestnik Ivan Sergeavich Scherbatskoy (Jon Scherbatskoy), AoA, Archery Marshal, Web Minister    more...

Lady Genoa Scherbatskia (Genoa Scherbatskoy), AoA, OoG
Ekaterina Scherbatskia (Ekaterina (Rina) Scherbatskoy)
Emelin Scherbatskia (Emelin Scherbatskoy)
PO Box 136
Worcester, VT 05682
(802) 229-5040

Aleta Argent (Alison Wall)

1709 Rte. 44
Windsor, VT 05089

Lady Alienor Hathaway of Grayfeathere (Mariessa Dobrick), AoA

100 Currier Street
Barre, VT
belleamie83 @gmail.com

Master and Thane Aethelhafoc Caegfindan(Jim Tazelaar), AoA, GoA, PoA, OSC, OP     more...

Mistress Siubhan Wallace (Judi Tazelaar), AoA, GoA, PoA, OSC, OP    more...

642 West Street
Brookfield, VT 05036
(802) 279-6373

Lord Bertrand Edward de Valois (Brent Adams), AoA
Lady Isabella Alycia Machaut de Valois (Carolyn Adams), AoA

Fiona Adams
Shannon Adams
155 Tamarack Rd
Warren VT 05674
(802) 496-3774

Lady Brigid (Joanna VonCulin), AoA
Lady Rowan of Meikledale (Angela Shaheen), AoA

566 East Hill Road
Middlesex, VT 05602

Master Dafydd o Llyn Cwellyn (David O'Vitt), AoA, GoA, PoA, OSC, KLS, OP

Ouen ap Dafydd o Llyn Cwellyn (Owen O'Vitt), OTC
P.O. Box 53
East Montpelier, VT 05651
(802) 223-5557

Lord Edward Talbot (Will Sartelle), AoA

100 Currier Street
Barre, VT 05461

Tighearn Eol ua Tadhg (Larry Tighe), AoA, Archery Marshal, Youth Combat Marshal, Thrown Weapons Marshal
THL and Baintighearna Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri (Brenda Tighe), AoA, GoA, OM, QHD   more...

Thereon Colosa
Zachary Colosa
Rosalyn Tighe
2423 Cross Road
Concord, VT 05824
(802) 695-2235

THL Frenya Thorsteinndottir (Christine Toutain-Kidd), AoA, GoA, OF, OSC
Seneschal: College of Knottyng Cross (Incipient)    more...

71 Highland Avenue
White River Junction, VT 05001
(603) 359-5637

Lord Gavin von Abendroth (Adam W. Strong), AoA

Morrisville, VT 05661
(802) 888-1715

Lady Isobel of Werchesope (Pat Goodrich), AoA, QHD
THL Robert Toxophilus of Werchesope (Robert Goodrich), AoA, GoA, OSC, OSag
Archery Marshal Extraordinaire    more...

389 Voghell Road
Randolph, VT 05060
(802) 728-5719

Lady Laura Hamilton (Laura Hamilton), AoA

2074 W. Hill Rd.
Roxbury, VT 05036
FireFly Farm

Estefania del Bosque(Shannon Hart), Archery Marshal

Windsor, VT

Master and Dominvs Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs (Jason Di Giulio), AoA, GoA, PoA, OSC, OP, KOE, KEMY,King's Bard

Dominus Gaivs Ivlivs Aiax Magnvs (Ajax), OoG

PO Box 471
Sheffield, VT 05866

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Members we have lost

War and Pestilence has taken a great toll on our members over the years. Some of our great and not so great members have fallen to the wayside as Panther Vale has moved forward in time. While we miss our comrades and wish they would join us again, we keep the following list as accurate as possible so we don't forget them.

Our Old Members List






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