We have our event space, our cooks and our instructors lined up for the Studium Generale in March, but we could still use a helping hand. We don’t expect anyone to work all day since there may be classes you’d like to join in, but if service is your thing, let’s make that thing happen!

Sign up and help us make the Studium awesome.

Areas we need covered

Gate: 2 hour shifts beginning at 8:30 am and ending at 3:30 pm. Ideally working in pairs until 12:30 pm. (8 volunteers total)

Art Thugs: Your role is to assist instructors set up or tear down before and after class. As we have a full schedule utilizing all four classrooms, you will also be used to provide instructors with a time check. As we have a few classes that will be making use of the Space on Main’s technological wonders, folks familiar with white boards are encouraged to apply. Please be willing to volunteer in one-hour increments.

Panther Vale will also be holding an Arts and Sciences display with a consultation table so bring out your finest projects. We will have a Laurel on hand to offer suggestions, support and critique if desired.

Contact the event steward, Regnulf of Crakehale (Richard Creaser), with any questions.

What say you?