I would like to begin by extending my thanks and gratitude to my incredible instructors, noble volunteers, amazing feastocrat, the kind folks at The Space on Main and our honored guests for helping bring the first Panther Vale Studium Generale to life. For an event in its first year, guided by an event steward equally new and hosted in a never-before utilized site, all of you combined to breathe life in what I hope will become an annual celebration of Arts and Sciences in the Shire.

While I believe the event was successful overall, I also realize that the day was not without its hiccups and missteps. Bad weather, last-minute schedule changes and some timing issues proved problematic, but we pulled together and made what I hope was a good and memorable day for everyone involved. Without the support and good cheer of all involved this event could have gone sideways in a hurry. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as I stumbled through my first event as autocrat.

Having said all of that, I know that there are things we could have done better and activities we could have arranged differently. This started out as my event but through all of this it is most assuredly your event now. As such I call on you once again to help guide the Studium Generale forward. I would invite you to fill out our feedback form or contact me directly and share with me your experiences both good and bad, so that we might avoid the same pitfalls next year and push to make the event even better in future years. Tell me what worked well and where we could improve.

If you have specific praise or commendation for any of the event staff or instructors, I would be happy to pass that along to the respective parties. Of course, you may feel free to share it with them directly as well.

Yours in Service,

Regnulf of Crakehale, Event Steward
Kiryk Boguslawski, Deputy Event Steward 

What say you?