Chronicler: Julien McBain

Q1 2019 Minutes
Shire of Panther Vale
East Kingdom

Attendees: Laura, Edward, Siubhan, Aethelhawk, Regnulf, Bess, Julien, Vopiscus, Alida, Geloria, Brita, Aurelia, Kevin, Zofiya, Angie

  •  Pre Open
    • Troll has three volunteers, must always have an experienced person present
    • Prereg
    • Lost and Found pictures taken
  • Housekeeping
    • Officer Reports are coming up, CC all reports to Seneschal.
      * See note at bottom 
    • No Bylaws written-oral tradition only. They should be written down. Seneschal and deputies will begin process. 
      • Listen to advice, begin codification process.
      • Listen to long-term members and find out the why for traditions
  • Exchequer is opening two Deputy positions
  • Studium Generale
    • Good result, despite unexpected weather
    • Several new members came
    • The Space on Main did advertise for the event.
    • No major challenges, some organizational issues.
    • Feedback from people that attended
      • Scheduling glitch
      • Bottle making class ended up being all day
      • Full-day activities may be allocated space in the future.
    • Good opportunities for advertising SCA and Panther Vale
  • President of the Homeschool Association wants to interact with us.
  • Panteria XXIV
    • Most schedules are in, some marshals need to submit events.
    • Event schedule should be on site shortly
    • Class Schedule is tentative but established.
    • Volunteer Pages are going up to sign up for shifts.
      • Parking
      • Security
      • Kitchen
      • Trying to fill before event
    • A lot of volunteers are coming forward
    • Youth activities are going to be happening.
    • Names list was shared.
    • Dance master for the Ball has been selected
    • Court time is TBD but is generally on Saturday
      • There may be two mini-courts
    • Northern Region Arts & Sciences Championship
    • We have reservations in, we’re on track to hit break-even before event even starts.
    • Meal plan is at 1⁄2 and 2⁄3 bunk space is taken.
    • Next Friday is deadline for large groups
    • Fee structure is complex but organized.
    • Troll is requesting Cash Register for event.
      • Cost $85-$110
    • Room divider-Sound control in the program building
      • Cost $235.95
    • Radios
      • 4 Radios to start
      • RFQ Radios on docket with replaceable batteries
    • Motion made to purchase Register and Divider
      • Seconded
      • Passed unanimously
      • $180 per radio
    • Motion made to purchase 3 Radios
      • Seconded
      • Passed Unanimously
    • Newcomers Track being organized
      • Changing area needed
      • Upstairs to program building requisitioned for changing
    • Over a dozen merchants have registered.
    • Need to replace some road signs
    • New map being drawn up
    • There is a team drive with Inventory sheet for who has what shire property
    • Lost and Found Table will be set up for offloading Lost and Found
    • Meal plan menu for dinners is out
      • Other menus are coming
  • Three sets of youth equipment coming in, donated by Wil
  • Several parades are available to be used as advertising
    • Signups may be set up
    • Table until summer
  • Notice for Autocrating Lost Tip and Yule
    • Yule will be in January
    • In Montpelier
    • Zofiya volunteered to Autocrat Lost Tip
  • Bids for Kingdom Events
    • Spring Crown
    • 12th Night
    • Fall Coronation
    • Decide at next meeting
  • Talk about going Barony
    • Proposal: What would it mean for Panther Vale to become a Barony
  • What would it mean to become a Province

Note: Being a document consolidating the reporting requirements for local officers to Kingdom officers, not exhaustive nor superseding any published Corpora, Kingdom, or Branch law nor superseding any relevant Officer policy. This is merely an aggregation of information, not a governing document.

  • Generally, officers with Kingdom counterparts are required to file periodic reports and are required to notify their branch Seneschal that the required report was timely filed. Subordinate branches and incipient branches must notify their parent or sponsoring branch.
  • Where reports include information beyond simply identifying your continuance as an officer it is a good idea to also send that information to your Seneschal and possibly your Chronicler for inclusion in meeting minutes, in many cases merely adding your Branch Seneschal on the CC line in your email is sufficient for this.

Officer Reporting Requirements

Local OfficerDue datesForms atSubmit byReport within your branch by
Seneschal15th day of April (Q1), July (Q2), October (Q3), January (Q4)Seneschal website Email to Kingdom Seneschal Regional Deputy
Herald1st day of March, June, September, DecemberHerald websiteOnline form (Does it email a confirmation to the officer?)Confirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
Knight MarshalLast day of February, May, August, NovemberEarl Marshal websiteOnline form (Does it email a confirmation to the officer?)Confirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
ExchequerLast day of April, July, October, January AND 10 days after an event (NMS) AND 30 days after an eventExchequer websiteEmail to Regional Deputy Exchequer and Kingdom Exchequer

After events, email NMS report to NMS deputy and Event Report to Regional Deputy and Kingdom Exchequer
CC your local Seneschal on the report email
Chronicler15th day of DecemberNo form, instructions at Chronicler websiteEmail or regular mail to Kingdom ChroniclerConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
Minister of Arts and Sciences1st day of March, June, September, DecemberMoAS websiteEmail to regional deputy and Kingdom MoASConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
Minister of Lists1st day of MarchMoL websiteSubmit form or send an email to kingdom MoLConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
Chatelaine15th day of January, April, July, OctoberChatelaine websiteEmail to your Regional Chatelain and Kingdom Chatelain and Deputy Kingdom ChatelainConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
Chancellor MinorQuarterly?Chancellor Minor websiteSubmit formConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report
WebministerQuarterly/Annually?Webminister websiteSubmit formConfirm with your local Seneschal that you filed a report

Marshal Reporting Requirements

At-large reportingDue datesForms atSubmit by
Thrown Weapons Marshals1st day of April, OctoberThrown Weapons websiteSubmit form
Archery Marshals1st day of April, OctoberArchery Marshal websiteSubmit form
Archery Marshals - scoresAfter recording Royal RoundsArchery Scorekeeping pageMail paper copies or email scans or email a spreadsheet as an attachment
Kingdom Guild Activity1st day of March, June, September, DecemberMoAS websiteEmail to Kingdom MoAS
EquestrianAfter an equestrian eventEquestrian websiteMail or email form to regional deputy and KEO

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