Chronicler: Julien McBain

Q2 2019 Minutes
Shire of Panther Vale
East Kingdom
30 June 2019

Attendees: Regnulf of Crakehale, Tiberius Iulius Rufus, Vopiscus Rufius Donatus, Bess Brechin, Alida de Conti, Julien MacBain of Stonemarche and Dreibrucken, Alienor Hathaway, Rosaline Wright, Laura Flintbrook, Brita Pendane, Edward Talbot, Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno, Geloira de Sancto Johannes

Panteria Recap

  • 462 Adults
  • 158 Nonmembers
  • More than 100 children
  • Volunteers for next year have already come forward
  • Lots of good feedback
    • Complaints about parking and meal plan
    • Not enough food for Lunches
    • Not enough coffee
  • Most people in attendance came Friday Night
  • Biggest year for Pre-registration
  • Most people on Friday ever
  • Move pre-reg deadline back
  • Online Prereg set-up and cabin selection
  • Parking set up drainage
  • Setting up rules and have them visible
  • Garbage and dumpsters
  • Cleaning crew to clean restrooms each evening
  • Issues
    • “This event runs itself”–untrue
    • No training or communication on some jobs
    • Multiple people trying to organize the same things
    • Good contacts for people that are in charge of certain segments
    • Written procedures and responsibilities established
    • Some information wasn’t received on time
    • Meal plan up before day before event
    • Culture change to make things run more smoothly
    • More effective use of deadlines
    • Equipment–where it is, who has it, getting it there.
    • Volunteers and scheduling
    • Need to bring more Gold Key

Looking at Deputy Exchequer of Inventory

  • Creating an Online Database
  • Specific lists for each officer
  • Lost and Found being put on Yule Table

Domesday list for emails

Lost Tip

  • Determining when to hold it.
  • 7 Sept possible or 5, 12 October, 17 August as last resort


  • Same place as last year
  • Grange
  • Bid for 12th night is possible if not Yule
  • Bid for Crown Tournament possible

Exchequer’s Report

  • Finances are good, handful of outstanding checks
  • Reviewed bank statements
  • Outstanding check from kingdom to be reissued
  • Radios are needed
  • Too early for report

Gold Key

  • Need more versatile male tunics
  • We have hats

2nd Saturday in August: Derby Line Demo

  • Need fencers
  • Need volunteers
  • Kids heraldry and coloring pages
  • 10-4


  • Nothing to report
  • Panteria will be easier next year
  • Practice is going on Summer break, remove youth combat

Coming up with a Youth Marshal

  • Must already be a marshal in that sport
  • Work with other Youth Marshals
  • Background Checks
  • Sign offs

Equestrian Marshal Report

  • Wednesday and Sunday Practices
  • Horses available, need weapons
  • Request made to move archery assets to Equestrian program
  • We own equipment to make arrows, request made for that to be made available to equestrian program

26 October Armoring Day

  • Need new signs for events

A & S Report Made

  • Looking for old issues of Compleat Anachronist
  • Some Equipment


  • Background reviewed
  • Based on Corpora and Malagentia, Carolingia
  • Avoiding vague language
  • Including the why with the what
  • Review of Kingdom policies vs. Bylaws
  • Discussing Terms and Term Limits
  • Minimum number of offices required
  • Elected offices, appointed deputies
  • Open bylaws to comment period
    • Comment methodology determined

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