Chronicler: Julien McBain

Q1 2020 Minutes
Shire of Panther Vale
East Kingdom
25 April 2020

Attendees: Laura Flintbrook, Siubhan, Tiberius, Regnulf, Bess, Sigurd, Aurelia, Grumio, Em, Alida, Edward, Alienor, Lorencio, Margaret, Guin, Rosaline, Brita, Brenda, Alida

Meeting opens and rules covered

  • Decision not to record finalized
  • Moving Zip Codes
    • Request that zip codes be moved to the Shire of Panther Vale
    • Zip Codes in question
      • 05661
      • 05662
      • 05672
      • 05154
    • Motion made by Master Tiberius
    • Seconded by Sigurd
    • Discussion was held regarding history and reasons for transfer
    • Motion carried
  • Question about Windham County
    • Motion made by Tiberius
    • Seconded by Taz
    • Motion Carried
  • Discussion of the Green Mountain Renfaire and organizing a Demo in the future.
    • Concerns about finding personnel for the demo
    • Tabled to 2021 due to the Faire being held prior to the SCA restart date.
  • Panteria 2021
    • Postponed to next year
    • Will still be Panteria 25
    • Girl Scout Camp is not charging us for this year
  • Possible Online event in its stead
    • Panteria 24 1/2
      • Discussion had
      • Online vendors?
    • Other online meeting possibilities proposed.
    • Pictures and video editing discussed.
    • Gwen is Autocratting
    • Photos to be sent to
  • Fall event at Farnsworth
    • Equestrian Championships?
    • We can hold the space without knowledge of execution
    • Concerns over expense of Farnsworth raised.
    • Aurelia will be autocrat
    • Margaret will Co-Autocrat
  • Barony
    • Difficulty with gathering the discussions
    • Concern over a lack of information
    • Discussion regarding draft report
    • Kingdom Law discussed
    • Kingdom Law will be posted in conspicuous place, report will be reviewed.
  • Inventory
    • Method to report on inventory in possession
    • Google document suggested
    • Ensuring everyone has EK emails
    • Inventory will sit with Exchequer
  • Next meeting is on Sunday, June 28th in Central VT 12-3
    • Due to COVID, it will be virtual if on that date
    • 12 July is the new meeting date, assuming we can gather in person
    • Motion made by Tiberius
    • Seconded by Alida
    • Meeting if virtual will be held at 7pm
  • Meeting closed at 16:47


  1. Clarification on the last item under Barony. What report will be reviewed, and by whom?

    1. Author

      Edward the Exchequer says, “I do believe this will be the 2nd report, which is essentially outlining kingdom law to what a Barony is, where we as a shire currently stand to those, and so forth. This report has been submitted and, from best of my knowledge, should now be in the hands of the Seneschals and Peers. Once “reviewed” for any misspellings or edits, should be posted for populace review with comments being anonymous to the Seneschal’s office.”

      1. Thank you, Edward.

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