As mentioned in the last quarterly meeting minutes, a committee has been exploring the idea of turning Panther Vale from a shire into a barony. They have put together a detailed document outlining what that would mean for officers, equipment and events, and compare requirements for shires, provinces and baronies.

Please review the report, and comment below about any thoughts or concerns you may have. Your remarks will not appear here but will be sent to the committee, anonymously if you wish.

We’ll also be discussing this at our next quarterly meeting, which everyone is welcome to attend.

Why do this?

For some time now, Panther Vale’s status as a shire has meant that its skilled citizens can only receive so much recognition for their hard work. By achieving barony status we can grant that recognition, and relieve some of the burden of travel on the Kingdom royals and the awardees themselves. Becoming a Barony affords us the right to recognize those who deserve it but can’t travel to kingdom-level events.

Working towards becoming a barony will mean we need to work together. This is an exciting time for the Shire.