Chronicler: Julien McBain
Shire of Panther Vale
East Kingdom
12 July 2020

Attendees: Margaret of Windsor, Tiberius Iulius Rufus Primus, Vopiscus Rufius Donatus, Rosaline Wright, Julien MacBain of Stonemarche, Sigurd, Grumio, Laura Flintbrook, Alienor Hathaway, Edward Talbott, Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforno, Bess, Regnulf 

  • State of the SCA and COVID-19, and Panther Vale Update 
    • Everything is still shut down 
    • New Zip Codes are now officially annexed 
    • We require a new Map 
      • Will come from Zip Code Legate 
    • Looked into holding practice 
      • Currently not feasible 
    • Looking at event at Panteria Site in the fall 
      • Not possible in current climate 
      • Possibly doing a Panther Vale Moot 
      • Questions about insurance 
    • Panther Vale Moot 
      • We’ll look into it 
  • Barony 
    • We are addressing the personnel questions 
      • Officers and Deputies 
      • Non-officer positions, such as retainers for Coronet 
      • Scribes for awards 
      • Sometimes we create our own problems 
    • We will send out a non-binding polling 
      • Laura Motioned 
      • Julien Seconded 
    • State difficulties 
      • Divided population centers 
      • Isolated from each other 
      • Doing local gatherings in our geographical areas 
  • Minister of the Lists 
    • Alida Conti appointed to position 
    • Alienor as Deputy 
  • What has our population been participating in virtually & would like Kingdom to know in the Seneschal report? 
    • All members attending Ethereal Courts 
    • Two have been teaching classes 
    • Some A&S  
    • Practicing thrown weapons at home
    • Concerns about Succession for the Kingdom, What is the plan?
  • Next Meeting will be 11 October 2020 
    • Operating under the assumption that it will be virtual 
    • If not, will be in Derby Line 
  • Elections for offices coming to term 
    • Will be researched and email will be sent 
  • Meeting closed 

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