Chronicler: Laura Flintbrook
Oct. 25, 2020

Attendees: Kris, Gwen, Laura, Rosaline, Alida, Brita, Maggie, Meg, Ivan, Margaret, Sigurd, Tiberius, Siubhan, Aurelia, Bess, Regnulf, Ruadhnait, Taz, Edward, Roger (new Baby)

Summary of the Kingdom

  • Seneschal update: Change of Quarterly reporting to 1st of the Month
  • Curia was attended by Aurelia and her notes are available if anyone wishes to see them. Read off by Aurelia

Recognition of Shire Members

  • Read off by Aurelia 

Election of New Officers 

Start date Jan. 1, 2021

  • Chatelaine: Bess
  • Herald: Edward
  • Knight Marshal: Tiberius
  • Exchequer: Rosaline

Non-Binding Polling Status

  • Aurelia drafted a non-binding polling letter that I sent off in the Quarterly Seneschal report for review but have not had a response to it as of yet. Edward and Aurelia are going to help Laura with any revisions needed to send this letter out.

Officer Reports and Check In

  • Not much to report.
  • We could use some more pants for Gold Key.

Future Events/Gatherings

  • Monthly meetings proposed. Ideas include doing a Meet & Greet for new Shire Members, teaching classes, Ivan and Aurelia both offered to teach virtual classes/hold virtual meetings.
  • Aurelia proposed a Studium General and offered to autocrat the event. It was seconded and approved.

Inventory of the Pickle (future date and plan)

  • The pickle needs a 12×15 tarp to cover it for the winter and $50 was allocated to Ivan to make that happen. Taz offered to head up looking into alternatives for storage of equipment. We hope to be able to do an inventory of the Pickle in early April 2021.

What say you?