Chronicler: Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno
Sunday, March 21, 2021, 4-6pm

Attendance: Laura, Aurelia Colleoni, Gwen, Alida, Bess and Regnulf, Brita Pendane, Edward and Alienor, Grumio, Julien MacBain, Margaret of Windsor, Rosaline Wright, Sigurd, Tiberius and Vopiscus, Brenda Tighe


Kingdom Updates

  • In-person events updates after April 18th Board of Directors meetings
  • Virtual events still happening
    • Consult with the Consuls coming up
  • Crown Tourney update
    • No official news, waiting on border opening

Studium Generale

Panteria 2021

  • Need to change the listing on the EK website to say it’s postponed until 2022.
  • Changed.

Future Virtual Events

  • No virtual equestrian event Memorial Day weekend because there are already virtual equestrian events happening.

Yule 2021/22

  • Rosaline will be autocratting.
  • Laura will be assisting.
  • Sigrid will do kitchen stuff.
  • Julien will run fencing.
  • Same site as last year?
  • A plan for a virtual event, just in case.
  • Can we do a puppet show again?
  • Is there a way to stream the event and make it hybrid?

Bardic Wars

  • Lots of questions, no answers yet.
  • Sign up here.
  • Followup note to some questions: You don’t need permission to attend, but each of the war points has a limited number of entries per alliance, so entrants need to coordinate with the war generals. In the East, your war generals are Lord Drake (Eric Schrager) and Master Grimm.

Shire Championships

  • When could we host these?
    • Fall 2021, September/October
    • We will decide a time after the Board meeting makes a decision about in-person events
    • Julien volunteered to autocrat.
  • Possible venues:
    • Possible use of Norwich site, Gwen can check in about it.
    • Allis State Park
    • Orleans Fair Grounds
    • Possibly someone’s house: Julien, Tib and Vopiscus
    • Caledonia County Fairgrounds

Non-Binding Barony Polling

  • Addresses are anticipated to be sent to Laura Monday. We will be sending out letters then. Laura will have ten days from the time she gets the addresses.
  • We can’t officially ask for any other information with the polling, but we can include an additional part asking them to submit their contact info so that we can be in contact with them.
  • We will be sending two options: Yes or no.


Discord Server

  • Got taken down because no one was using it.
  • Issue with Seneschal not being in charge of it, needs it to be created with official Shire email.
  • Issue with people not being interested in learning new technology.
  • At the last meeting, we weren’t sure that Discord could be used as an official form of communication. We now know we can.
  • Voted to recreate the Discord server and use it for the next meeting.
    • Grumio will create it with Laura.

Zoom account

  • We have been relying on personal accounts.


  • It is not being used because there is not a lot of information that is shared to the site.
    • People need to share information to Brita so she can put it on the website.

Next meeting: June 27, 2021 via Discord.

What say you?