From Event Steward Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno 

Greetings all!

The Shire of Panther Vale hosted its first virtual event on Saturday, March 6, 2021. The Studium Generale: Virtual Edition held steady at around 50 people throughout the day. We expect our numbers were higher overall, since people were in and out all day, probably seeing closer to around 70 participants total.

The great thing about running a virtual event is that we are not limited by our location. We had participants from all over North America, with our furthest coming from the Kingdom of the West. It was a great opportunity to converse with friends and meet new people.

We had 15 outstanding teachers who taught 19 amazing classes. We also hosted the first ever virtual Athena’s Thimble Panel. Thank you to all the teachers for sharing your time and knowledge with us. You made this event the success it was. Thank you, too, to all the class monitors who were there to assist our teachers. I could not have run this event without you!

We also ran the Northern Region Arts and Science Championship. I was happy to pass the title along to Lord Alexander Clarke, who showed his art, shared his art, and learned something new.

This was my first time hosting a virtual event. I love autocratting events, but there were definitely a lot of different things to take into account with this new format, some of which I thought of well beforehand, while others were a last minute rush to make happen. I learned a lot and am happy to have had this experience.

I don’t know if I’ll be hosting another virtual event in the near future, but maybe further down the road. I love that virtual events allow us to connect in new ways. But for now, we rest.

What say you?