(Edit 8/6/2021: Craft Night is postponed until further notice.)

We host a weekly craft night in The Studio of The Upper Valley in White River Junction. It’s an opportunity to get help with projects, socialize, and participate in service projects for the Shire or the East Kingdom. 

The Studio is stocked with supplies and tubs of fabric in the attic to help new people make garb. We have a workbench for armor work or other items that require tools (no tools to loan at this time).

We have started a community box where you can donate supplies that you no longer need so others can pick from the box for supplies they may need. If you are thinning out your holdings, no need to throw usable things away – donate it to the community box!

The entrance to The Studio is located in the back of the building. Please enter through this door.

Follow The Studio for announcements, to have discussions, or to watch tutorials posted via pre recorded and live videos.

Contact Rosaline Wright if you have any questions. 


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