Chronicler: Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno
Sunday, September 26, 2021

In Attendance: Laura Flintbrook of Panther Vale, Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno, Laura, Margaret, Rosaline, Alida di Conti, Zophia, Angie, Aelinor Hathaway, Edward Talbot, Tib, Vopiscus, Siubhan Wallace, Ivan*, Julian McBane*, K’tusha*, Ruadhnait

*attended virtually


  1. Review of Meeting Minutes From Last Meeting
  2. Officer Elections
    1. Minister of Arts and Sciences – Aelinor Hathaway
    2. Minister of the Lists – Alida di Conti
    3. Chronicler – no one volunteered, so the position will be posted online
    4. Web Minister – Brita
    5. Seneschal – Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno 
  3. Panther Vale Homecoming
    1. Walk through happened last weekend. People who are running things were there to figure out spacing and locations.
    2. Staff can show up at 9am. Site opens at 10am.
      1. Archery and thrown weapons will be set up the day before.
        1. We do not need the pickle.
        2. Laura will bring her net.
    3. A&S Display only, not a competition. Please bring tokens to share with artists.
    4. Siubhan will be making apple cider on site if people would like to bring apples.
    5. Siubhan will bring tea and coffee service.
    6. We need to make sure people are following mask rules.
    7. We will see what we can throw together for site tokens.
  4. Yule and 12th Night Planning
    1. Crown has asked for more Northern region events.
    2. Panther Vale is considering running Kingdom 12th Night
      1. It’s usually in January, so we are looking at January 8th or 15th
      2. Barre Auditorium is available both weekends, and it is a site we have used before for this.
        1. $2k starting price, depending on how much of it we rent
        2. Site requires us to hire police and have alcohol purchased there.
      3. Looking for this to be a breakeven event with caps.
      4. Rena is interested in being the official mask compliance officer for this event.
      5. We need to decide what the event size limit and cap.
      6. We will check in with EK and other groups to see how they handled events with feasts and mask mandates.
    3. Popular opinion sounds like we want to hold both, a smaller Yule for just local people.
      1. The space requires us to spend all day setting the site up on Friday.
      2. Two options:
        1. Have a work party Yule celebration on Friday night.
        2. Freehold has asked if they should run Yule this year because last year’s Yule was supposed to be run by them, and they held a small virtual gathering. Ask Freehold if they’d like to take it on this year since we will most likely be holding 12th Night.
    4. Vote passes to hold EK 12th Night.
      1. We will be putting in a bid for 12th Night on January 8th.
      2. Laura will be contacting Freehold.
      3. We will explore Covid contingencies.
      4. Siubhan volunteers to autocrat the event. Alida and Rosaline will be deputy autocrats.
      5. Friday night work party still.
  5. Studium Generale
    1. March event again The Space on Main in Bradford
    2. Zofia will autocrat
  6. Panteria
    1. Site still has our money and is holding our spot. They have been really good with COVID.
    2. Margaret and Vopiscus are still co-autocrating.
    3. Pricing should be the same, as long as the site pricing does not change.
  7. Other Business
    1. The Pickle
      1. Needs repairs, especially on the roof.
        1. We have voted to authorize up to $250 for repairs.
      2. Needs to be inventoried.
      3. We need to set a date.
        1. October 16th.
    2. Shire Showers
      1. Group voted to get rid of them.
    3. Call for Inventories
      1. Do you currently have shire gear? Please let it be known.
  8. Set Meetings for Next Year
    1. Friday of 12th Night, January 7th, during work day, at night. Subject to change.

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