January 23, 2022, 2-4pm
Location: Panther Vale Discord Server
Chronicler: Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno

In attendance: Aurelia, Alida, Siubhan, Edward, Margaret, Laura, Siguard, Grumio, Rosaline, Gwen, Leo


  1. Review of Meeting Minutes From Last Meeting
    1. Officer Elections
    2. Events
    3. Pickle: Update and Inventory
    4. Inventories
  2. Officer Updates
    1. Seneschal
      1. Kingdom Updates
        1. Social Media Office Update: Astridr is getting together lists of branch officers and creating lists for communication.
        2. COVID Safety
          1. Starting Feb 1, March 1 in Tir Mara, anyone eligible to be vaccinated must show a vaccination card or negative test, this now includes children 5 and up. Language was changed so that policy doesn’t have to change as vaccine ages change.
          2. COVID language must be included throughout all event listings and information once in-person activities start up again: event listing, calendar, FB, practices, gatherings, troll, etc.
          3. All COVID info is located here: COVID in a Box.
            1. Will shortly be translated into French.
          4. Shut down
            1. Looking at chunks of time at a time and not just cancelling the whole winter at this point.
              1. It was asked that if this looks likely, that people can know sooner rather than later rather than a last minute decision so that people can not lose money from sites.
              2. If things go on as they are, Mudthaw and on will continue as planned.
        3. Curia
          1. Agenda
          2. Link for viewers: Curia Regis of Ioannes & Ro Honig
      2. Expectations
        1. Emails, Responses, Copies of Reports, Deputies
      3. Bylaws
        1. Things that are missing:
          1. Officer Expectations
            1. General and specific to each office.
          2. Deputy Bylaws Update
          3. In Case of Emergency guidelines
            1. ***recommended by KSen
    2. Webminister
      1. Open invite for the populace to contribute to the site with occasional posts or new content (especially pictures). She is always open to suggestions, especially how to get more than just the officers to sign up for notifications from the site.
    3. Exchequer
      1. Working on getting refunds for 12th Night out. Finally got check from PayPal. Receipts from 12th Night are being paid out. Still working on getting signatory signatures updated on bank.
      2. EOY: because of the pandemic, if we cannot get signatures in person, KExc will send a request for a digital signature
      3. 2022 Budget – no budget
    4. Knight Marshal – absent
    5. MOAS – absent
      1. Email has been updated to MOAS@panthervale.eastkingdom.org
    6. Chatelaine
      1. Getting up to speed with things. Email has been fixed.
    7. MOL
      1. Nothing to report.
    8. Herald/Social Media Officer
      1. Nothing to report.
  3. Events
    1. EK 12th Night
      1. Refund plan/status
        1. Lots of outstanding emails. About 23 individuals who have not responded (total of $1000). Is checking with KExc
        2. All refunds should be in the mail tomorrow, except for the previous stated amount.
      2. Donations – $1050
      3. Profit – $352 approx
        1. To be sent to kingdom.
    2. Vermont Renaissance Faires
      1. Winter Update: MF has decided against running a demo
      2. Summer Planning
        1. We will need a deputy to run the demo.
    3. Studium Generale
      1. Anastasia not present
      2. In Person or Virtual?
        1. With the uncertainty of COVID right now, it may make more sense to do a virtual event this year.
    4. Panteria
      1. No updates from the autocrats
      2. Budget shared with autocrats. We plan on using the breakeven budget for the annual budget, especially with the way things are right now.
      3. PayPal
        1. 3% per transaction, which is expensive, and comes out of shire money
        2. Can be more creative with invoice, Kingdom will work with us to set that up to our needs
        3. Decision not to use PayPal for Panteria this year, both in case the event is cancelled and because of the fees.
      4. Royal Progress
        1. Equestrians
          1. Not putting in bid for Champs
        2. Fencing
          1. We could put in a bid for Fencing Champs if they are re-doing that process of creating the event.
        3. We can invite them straight up if we want them to come.
      5. Getting out an announcement ASAP. Margaret will talk to Vospiscos ASAP.
    5. Fall Event?
      1. Discuss at next meeting.
  4. Financial Committee Update
    1. Addendum to Bylaws/Policy
      1. Any proposed changes by the general populace may be emailed to financialcommittee@panthervale.eastkingdom.org before next business meeting
    2. Updates to inventories
    3. Officer requests
      1. Exchequer – $100 for stationary supplies, stamps, etc
      2. Gold Key – money for laundry detergent
        1. Question about totes and hangers?
      3. Knight Marshal
        1. Equestrian – $50 for insurance
  5. Empty Officer Positions
    1. Chronicler: The Chronicler records meeting minutes that we may one day reminisce with laughter and tears at the storied history of our great shire.
  6. Other Business
    1. Radios – Laura would like to rent radios for personal use. Are we allowed to? We will look into it.
    2. Chatelaine from Mountain Freehold
      1. Reach out to Leo with any events, demos, work days, etc.
      2. Leo and Margaret will connect.
  7. Dates for Next Meetings
    1. Quarter 1 Meeting usually Panteria Work Day
    2. April 3, 2022 @ 4pm VIRTUAL

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