February 21, 2022

Greeting Panther Vale populace! The shire currently does not have a written procedure for planning and sponsoring its events and activities, something that is required by East Kingdom law. Therefore, I propose the following to be added to the Shire’s Bylaws. We will vote on them at the next business meeting on April 3rd. If you have any suggestions or comments, please email them to the seneschal before the meeting.

Yours in Service,

Aurelia Colleoni Buccafurno
Seneschal of Panther Vale

Section VI: Events and Activities

  • 1. Proposals for an event will be presented in writing by email or form to the Seneschal with the following information:
    • a. Event name
    • b. Autocrat
      • i. Mundane name
      • ii. SCA Name
      • iii. Membership # and Expiration date
    • c. Date(s)
    • d. Location
    • e. Theme
    • f. Proposed event budget
    • g. Proposed activities
    • h. Proposed staffing needs
    • i. Additional information
  • 2. Per East Kingdom law, all autocrats must be paid SCA members.
  • 3. The Seneschal will present all complete proposals to the populace for vote at the following Quarterly Business meeting.
  • 4. All other meetings, practices, and official activities must be submitted to the seneschal for approval and have the appropriate documentation required as necessary for the activity.

What say you?