April 3, 2022, 2-4pm
Location: Panther Vale Discord Server
Chronicler: Julien MacBain

In attendance: THL Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno, THL Alienor Hathaway, Lady Rosaline Wright, Lady Laura Flintbrook, Lord Sigurd Haldorsson, Margaret, Julien MacBain, Master Tiberius

Officer Updates

Last meeting

  • Financial Committee Update
  • Empty Officer Positions
  • Mtn Freehold visitor Leo

Empty officer positions

  • Chronicler 
    • Julien MacBain put up as candidate
    • 5 Yay, no Objection, 1 Absentation

Seneschal’s office

  • COVID Guidelines Change
    • Outdoor events do not require masking
    • Indoor masks required
    • COVID Check-in has not changed (Vaxport standard)
  • Exchequer
    • Balancing sheets for Domesday
    • May be off by a penny due to IRS rounding rules change
    • Afterward the Budget can be made.
  • MOAS
    • Quarterly Report due in June
    • No updates except by spying.
    • Might be an issue with awareness
      • Human issues too
    • Great Baking Challenge put on by Aurelia

Event Updates


  • Six total classes, 24 attendees
    • Average class had 11 attendees
    • Tiberius’ class was most populace with 17


  • Moving along
    • Marshals needed
      • Youth Rapier and Heavy
      • Julien will look at Youth Marshal for Rapier
    • No cleanup day
      • Will likely still need help
    • Equestrian insurance has been taken care of
    • Archery
      • We have a MIC

Proposed Bylaw Update

  • Autocratting Event Guidelines
  • As Proposed:
    • Section VI: Events and Activities
      • Proposals for an event will be presented in writing by email or form to the Seneschal with the following information:
        • Event name
        • Autocrat
          • Mundane name
          • SCA Name
          • Membership # and Expiration date
        • Date(s)
        • Location
        • Theme
        • Proposed event budget
        • Proposed activities
        • Proposed staffing needs
        • Additional information
      • Per East Kingdom law, all autocrats must be paid SCA members.
      • The Seneschal will present all complete proposals to the populace for vote at the following Quarterly Business meeting.
      • All other meetings, practices, and official activities must be submitted to the seneschal for approval and have the appropriate documentation required as necessary for the activity.
  • Vote
    • Yay 9 
    • Nay 0
    • Abstain 0
    • Motion Passes


  • Collecting arms from folks for Panteria XXV
  • Submit if you want a shield through FB Messenger DM
  • Will post on shire FB and Website

Dates for next meeting

  • Second Quarter ends 1 July
  • Is usually held in central region
  • Laura Flintbrook offers space for meeting
  • Meeting will be 10 July at Laura’s house with Virtual option 1pm

Fencing practice?

  • Guidelines and timing, place

Meeting closes

What say you?