Edward Talbot and Lady Alienor Hathaway at Lost Tip 2019

Greetings one and all! As your local herald, I have begun putting together a project of sorts but I need your help! The project is an all encompassing digital book that will serve as a living document for the Herald’s office. It will be a collection of all the registered Arms of our current and future members plus any households that have a connection to our group.

For the most part, I’ve gotten images of those arms from your wiki pages. However, my list of the populace is incomplete! If you are an active participant with the SCA and a resident of—or active participant with—Panther Vale, please send me an email of either the blazon or a visual of your arms to be added to the book.

Likewise, please contact me, even if you have no arms, so we may update the list of the populace and include you among all our projects!

Lord Edward Talbot
Panther Vale Herald

What say you?