July 10, 2022


  • COVID Safe rules update
  • Site owners can no longer be autocrats of an event taking place at their site.
    • This does not include practices or meetings, which involve no monetary transactions.
  • Waivers do need to be collected for practices

Knight Marshal

  • A Fencing practice has been started in Barre.
  • Heavy fighting available if a heavy marshal is present.


  • Authorizations at Panteria.
  • Svanr and Julien filled out paperwork and filed reports


  • Reports filed
  • Consulting open for changes/new arms.
  • Will institute office hours.
  • Some arms submitted for registration still pending; 11 months behind.
  • Will post on Social Media pages.

Social Media Officer

  • Quiet
  • Role includes monitoring social media pages we own.
  • Panteria had media presence we didn’t know about until after.


  • Fairly uneventful until final day.
  • All reports in.
  • Receipts
    • Shire equipment needing repair needs to be brought up at Shire Meetings and not considered part of event expenses.
  • Numbers
    • 355 total attendees.
  • Next year
    • Charging electric vehicles– the Park & Ride has electric chargers.
    • Cannot advertise due to liability
  • Detach emails for Panteria from the individuals that were responsible and reassigned to the Seneschal or Webminsiter.
    • Brita will be contacted to reassign those.
  • Advertising for Autocrat for next year.
    • Must be selected by Q3

Kingdom 12th Night

  • Judi would like to bid
  • We’ve already made a full plan
  • Costs haven’t changed.
  • We’ll need an Autocrat
    • Alida would co-autocrat
  • Motion made
    • 11 yays
    • 1 nay
    • Motion Carries
  • If you volunteered for a position last year, please consider it for this year
    • Sig will feastocrat

Shire Heraldry project

  • Encourage people of the shire to use their heraldry as decor for our events.
  • More on that later
  • Vospiscus has volunteered his house to facilitate that.
  • Similar to Stonemarche’s project.
  • Alida is also volunteering workspace.

VT Ren Demo

  • Same space as last year.
  • Lots of people we were able to talk to.
  • Great Demo
  • Timing is somewhat unfortunate, so we might want to consider having a newcomers event shortly after the faire.
  • Planning for next year, we can make sure we have things in place to get things rolling.
  • Looking to find a way to get people involved immediately.
  • Laura has volunteered to host an event at Allis State Park in Brookfield to get people involved.
    • Laura will put in a bid and we will vote at a future meeting.
    • Garb can be intimidating
      • It could be advantageous to do it in regular clothes
    • Gold Key will be needed.
  • Research and know whether meetings are going to be required to have a virtual component.

Fall Events

  • If we want to do that, submit a bid post haste.
  • Mentioned at meeting but due to Kingdom Law may be moot:
    • Off-Cycle voting will occur.
    • Lost Tip won’t be happening due to lack of Marshals
    • Homecoming could occur if a Bid is made.
  • We have a site but no autocrat.
  • Tiberius asked about Fall Crown
    • There was a decision to forego Fall crown because too many shire members would be fighting in Crown.
  • Under the circumstances we will Forego by consensus.


  • Some time ago, we did a non-binding polling to see if populace was interested in Barony.
  • Majority voted in favor
  • Next steps:
    • Required Officers (Seneshcal, Exchequer, Knight Marshal, MOAS, Herald) must vote with 60% in favor.
    • Approval by Kingdom Seneshal
    • Approval by SOCSEN
    • Binding polling to the populace
    • 18 months from approval, we must elect and seat a coronet.
  • Dealing with our Bench strength issues, having deputies will be critical to being successful.
    • Concerns about burnout have been raised.
    • Grumio reiterated these reservations prior to the vote.
    • Edward brought up that only the Coronet, Seneschal, and Exchequer must be residents in the Barony
    • Vospiscus brought up that we’ve had all of the required officers for Barony for an extended period of time.
    • Officers don’t necessarily have to run things, just be a resource and facilitate the things happening.
  • Voting by Rollcall
    • Seneschal (THL Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforno)– Nay
    • Exchequer (Lady Rosaline Wright)–Yay
    • Knight Marshal (Master Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs Primvs)– Yay
    • MOAS (THL Ailenor Hatheway)– Yay
    • Herald (THL Edward Talbot)– Yay
    • With 80% in favor, we proceed.
  • Aurelia will draft a letter to be signed by key officers to move the process forward. To be hand-delivered at GNEW
  • Letter was drafted and signed by all but Master Tiberivs, who will sign at GNEW

Other Business

  • There will be no shire encampment at GNEW
  • Laura is looking into Equestrian Practices at her farm.
    • Will need gauged interest to justify insurance.
  • Ivan mentioning the pickle
    • $250 allocated in budget
    • Few receipts received.
    • The replacement of the pickle was brought up
      • Julien brought up flatbed with a shed on top
      • Grumio suggested a utility trailer
      • Finance committee will have to discuss.
      • We may have to look into the rules about insurance.
      • Concern about storage
      • Tabled
    • Inventory of the Pickle is needed.
      • There is a video inventory
      • Must be done on paper.
    • Grumio and Siubhan are both researching trailers.
    • Fall activity will be inventory of the Pickle
      • Need a date and location.
      • Utilize this as part of research process for trailer
    • Pickle inventory will coincide with 3rd Quarter Meeting
  • 3rd Quarter Meeting: October 23, 2022
    • Will be at Ivan’s
    • Morning will inventory Pickle
    • Lunch by potluck
    • Afternoon will be business meeting
    • 48 Hancock Brook Rd Worcester VT 05682
    • Start at 9AM
    • Ends when business concludes.
  • Shire fencing practice going well.
  • Meeting closed by fiat.

What say you?