We will discuss this addendum at the Q4 2022 business meeting.

Update the following:

Section III: Shire Terms of Office

  1. The following officers shall serve for a term not to exceed four years: Seneschal and Chancellor of the Exchequer. The elections of the Seneschal and of the Chancellor of the Exchequer must only occur in concurrent years barring resignation or other vacancy. The election of the Seneschal will take place in odd numbered years. The election of the Chancellor of the Exchequer will take place in even numbered years.

This is to align with how we have elected our recent seneschal and exchequer.

3. The following officers will be elected in even numbered years: Chatelaine, Herald, Knight Marshal, Social Media Officer.

This was left out either as a mistake or because the position had not been added yet by EK law when the PV bylaws were written.

Proposed Amendment: Additional Martial Officers

Additional Martial Shire Officers can be created as need arises. For a new marshal officer position to be added, there must be a regular sustaining practice for a season, for an outdoor only activity, or six months, for flexible activities that can be held both indoors and outdoors. If a Shire member wishes to call for the addition of a martial officer position, they must provide the appropriate information as called for here to the Seneschal via email at least 30 days prior to the next business meeting. The position will be announced with the agenda of said business meeting, including a call for any eligible members to put their names forward to fill the position. To be considered eligible for the position, one must meet East Kingdom officer requirements and be a warranted marshal of the desired activity. The position will be made official at that business meeting and a vote will be taken. The officer position shall follow all protocol as outlined in the Shire Bylaws, with the only exception being that the newly elected position will begin immediately after the new officer is voted in rather than waiting until the start of the next calendar year. Possible positions include but are not limited to: Marshal of Fence, Captain of Archers, Marshal of Equestrian Activities, Captain of Combat Archers, Siege Marshal. If the practice is inactive for the same amount of time as mentioned previously, the Office will be removed by the Seneschal at the following business meeting until the activity is revitalized and the position is again requested.

Knight marshal only covers Armored Combat. Therefore, as there are other martial activities in the shire, it would benefit the shire to have a policy in place to cover other activities..

Covid time will not count towards or against listed times if there was a pre-existing regular practice before this.

This will provide some clarity to our budget as we will not be allocating funds to activities that do not exist or are not regular in our shire.

What say you?