December 18, 2022, 1 pm
DiGiulio Compound and Discord

  1. Review of Meeting Minutes From Last Meeting
    1. Pickle Inventory
    2. Adopted an Inventory Policy
    3. Discussed adding a Fencing Officer position
    4. Voted on officers
      1. Tib has stepped into the role of Chatelaine for a year only
    5. Discord channels streamlined
  2. Officer Updates
    1. Seneschal
    2. Exchequer
      1. 2023 Budget
      2. Addendum to Financial Policy
      3. Refresher on SCA policies regarding Shire equipment
    3. Webminister
    4. Knight Marshal
    5. MOAS
    6. Chatelaine
    7. MOL
    8. Herald/Social Media Officer
  3. Officer Election
    1. Social Media Officer
  4. Addendum to Bylaws
    1. Updated Details in Section III: Shire Terms of Office
      1. Dates for Seneschal and Exchequer elections
      2. Adding Social Media Officer into voting rotation
    2. Proposed Amendment: Additional Martial Officers
    3. Parliamentary Authority – Revisited
      1. Any situation that should arise that is not explicitly addressed in these bylaws shall follow the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order that has been published more than twelve months.  The Shire may adopt a new version of Robert’s Rules prior to this by majority vote during any intervening Quarterly Meeting.”
      2. Proposed by Julien McBain
  5. Events
    1. 12th Night
      1. Update
    2. Events for the 2023 Year
      1. Panteria
  6. Other Business
  7. Dates for Next Meeting
    1. 1st Quarter

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