March 12, 2023
Chronicler: Julien MacBain


  • Julien MacBain 
  • Sigurd  
  • Aurelia  
  • Guest: Leo MacClellan  
  • Tiberius  
  • Rufius  
  • Alida  
  • Aldice  
  • Ivan  
  • K’tusha  
  • Grumio  

Review of last meeting’s minutes  

  • Update to Seneschal rules  
  • Bylaws update  
  • 12th Night  
  • Bylaws Quorum Update  

Officer Updates  

  • Seneschal     
    • Masking policies are all expired  
      • Masking policy can only exist if government or site requires it.  
      • Must be reported to KSEN  
      • No variances otherwise  
    • Looking for new Northern Regional Chatelain  
      • Found: Leo MacClellan  
    • Officiality of Notifications  
      • Facebook is NOT an official platform  
      • Website is primary source  
      • Discord is another good unofficial source  
      • Social Media is great for recruiting  
    • Demos  
      • Any participation by anyone that’s not an SCA member for any  reason REQUIRES a waiver.
    • Officers  
      • Send emails from your Officer Email ID not member email ID  
      • This is important for forwarding emails when officer changes happen.
    • EK Website  
      • Some issues, being fixed  
      • Check handbooks

Branch Status Change Update  

  • Issue at Society Level with Census list
    • Due to this polling is on pause.  
    • Updates as they become ready  


  • Quorum proposal  
    • At least 3 officers present  
    • One must be Seneschal or Exchequer  
    • Vote  
      • Yay Unanimous  

12th Night  

  • Numbers down from previous year likely due to COVID concerns  
  • Profitable: $525.35 each for Shire and Kingdom  
  • Jeff at Aud reduced the rent significantly for us  
  • Thank you to everyone that worked on the event  


  • Stowe Ren Faire  
    • Aurelia will be primary liason  
    • Signup sheets to be put out by Tib  
    • Table sitters  
    • Fighting and Fencing  
    • Post Ren-faire newcomers gathering?  

4 Childrens Bows lent to Laura  

  • Lent for horse archery  
  • Believes they were meant for Panthervale  
  • Wants to know if they can be purchased  
  • Need to confirm ownership before permission can be granted to purchase.  

If anyone has large storage bins for donation, that would be useful, if not they’ll be purchased.  

Looking for fundraising coordinator  

Fencing Officer Position  

  • Practice is regular and has been held for more than 6 months  
  • Julien MacBain is putting his name forward  
    • Is a warranted marshal  
    • Unanimous Vote  
    • Motion passes  


  • Site is secure  
  • Roles filled  
    • Most are filled  
    • Reached out for  
      • Youth Combat through EK
      • Equestrian  
        • Laura has a meeting Thursday and will update afterward.  
      • Albreda will do Dragon Hunt but not other Youth Activities  
      • Cecily is a good option and is K officer  
  • Judi has already deposited $1000 in preregistrations 
    • Our people need to pre-reg  
  • Feast Hall Cleanup Coordinator  
  • The dance coordinator is not available.  
  • Thyra might be willing to fill in  
  • There will be a meeting with Aethelhawk to cover kitchen needs post-Gulf  
  • Volunteer signup sheets made
    • Including troll  
    • Please sign up for a shift
  • Work Days  
    • Regular On-site 
    • Those marshals that have needs  
      • Archery  
      • Thrown Weapons
    • Tokens  
  • Alcohol Waiver  
  • Insurance forms  
  • Marshals in Charge  
    • Need written permission from us to publish contact info on site.  
  • Newcomer stuff  
    • Series of activites  
    • Develop a schedule to learn about each one  
    • Get out Baldrics for Panthervale  
      • Ribbons with the Key  
      • Foresters Guild often does shifts  
    • Newcomer Point  
    • Tib will put together the doc  
    • Newcomer’s Tour  
  • There are no extant fencing lists  
  • There will be combat archery–dead space between battlefield and parking is NOT campable  
  • Equipment expenses are from Panteria Budget  
  • Theme?  
    • No theme  
  • Voice Heralds  
    • Adds to the ambiance  
    • Helps keep track of time  
  • There will be printed programs  
  • Taking up part of the porch for troll  
    • Weather dependent  
    • Building that troll is in is very separate  
    • Might conflict with merchants  
    • Newcomers point is another option  
  • Large carport is in pickle might be an option  
  • Put out a list of merchants  
  • Gold Key
    • Was reviewed for 12th Night, a lot that is not in good shape

Next Meeting  

  • Sunday 11 June 2023 at 1pm via Discord  

What say you?