A message from Siubhan Wallace

Hey Panther Vale! What would you a think about a road trip? I am proposing that we go to an event together, as a group. This time I am suggesting trying Balfar’s Challenge & Dragonship Haven Baronial Investiture in Guilford, Ct., on Saturday, April 29th. Google says it is 3:48 from Montpelier.

I choose this event because I know several Panther Valians go somewhat regularly. There are many activities to keep us busy: Heavy, Fencing, Archery, A&S and the most amazing all-day dayboard. The only support items we would need are shade, sunscreen, feast gear, and your kit for your preferred activity.

Let me know what you think. My email is 180032@members.eastkingdom.org if you want to contact me off-line.

What say you?