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What are Arts and Sciences?


There are many skills and crafts that can be learned through the SCA. Those new to the Society can be overwhelmed and bewildered by the variety of things available to do. Even long-time members are constantly amazed by the works of beauty created by an artisan's hand.

If you do not know what you might be interested in, take some time just to observe others and to ask questions. You should not feel pressured to choose things to do as soon as you start going to meetings or events. Gatherings that focus on particular topics are held regularly; attend a few and explore your own talents and interests. Many modern skills can be "translated" into the medieval world.

Arts and Sciences are really just the every day activites of medieval life that we research and recreate. They cover basic skills like spinning, weaving, leather working and cookery. They also include the "fine arts" like calligraphy, illumination, music, embroidery and heraldry.

A list of categories in an Arts and Sciences competition gives a good sampling of activities performed in the SCA. This list is from an old Northern Lights Competition.

PantherVale Arts and Sciences


Each Shire has a Minister of Arts and Sciences that has taken a special interest in these acitivities. The MOAS assists the artisans with their research, promotes their works, schedules workshops and classes, and helps members further their interests in the Arts and Sciences.

Panther Vale does not presently have a Minister of Arts and Sciences.  If any members are interested in assuming those duties, contact the Seneschal who is listed on the Officers and Marshals page







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