Attending Events

Royals throwing confetti at Pennsic 2018Newcomers are welcome at our events! They’re the perfect place for you to get to know the local SCAdians. You do not need to be a member of the SCA to attend events. We and our neighboring groups often have weekly practices and special events going on, so come on by!

Event fees are lower for members, so if you attend regularly, it makes sense to become a member.

Dressing the Part

If you are attending an event, you are expected to wear garb appropriate to the Middle Ages or Renaissance. But if you don’t have any appropriate garb, no problem! Events have loaner clothing available for you. It is helpful to contact the chatelaine or the person in charge of organizing the event to let him/her know you’d like to borrow some garb.

Lady archer at Panteria 2012

If you’d like to have your own garb, there are many places to find it online. If you are able to sew, you can make your own! In Panther Vale, we try to host an annual garb-making day where newcomers and veterans come together to help each other make garb. If you are looking for patterns or ideas, or want to find someone to help you sew, please contact our chatelaine.

If you are attending an activity like a crafting night, a meeting, or a practice, you do not need to wear garb.

What to Expect at Events

Some events last a few hours; some last a few days. The longest is two weeks! They may be market festivals, scholarly classes, combat tournaments, holiday feasts, or something else entirely.

Martial Activities

You may find martial activities such as heavy list (armored) fighting, fencing (with swords), archery, equestrian (riding horses), and throwing weapons at a wooden target. Some of these allow novices to participate. If you are interested, ask the people at the activity how to get involved! At events, you will find loaner bows & arrows and thrown weapons to try.

Knight at Pennsic 2018If you’d like to try heavy list or fencing at an event, you may want to contact the marshal in charge (MIC) of the activity and ask if it would be possible to try at an upcoming event. Locally, contact Panther Vale’s chatelaine, who can help you get started. At practices, loaner gear is usually available.

Arts & Sciences

There are often classes you can take. If it was done in the middle ages, someone in the SCA likely does it. You can pursue leatherworking, metalworking, weaving, blacksmithing, cooking, brewing, fiber arts, embroidery, sewing, jewelry making, glass working, woodworking, singing, storytelling, music, dancing, scribal, etc. – the list goes on and on! If you have an interest in something, just ask and someone can put you in contact with someone who can get you started!

If the event is a royal progress, meaning the current King, Queen and/or Prince and Princess are attending the event, there will likely be formal Court.

Bringing Children

SCA events often have activities just for children, and they love it. Contact an event’s organizer ahead of time if you have questions.

Attendees at Lost Tip 2018Overnight Events

For multiple-day events, camping is usually involved. While many people will make an attempt at period appropriate camping gear, it is not necessary. Bring what you have and can afford. Nylon tents, modern camp chairs, propane cook stoves, or any other modern camping equipment is fine! Check the event listing. You may find that an event offers bunk space and you don’t need to bring a tent.


Many events offer a feast! Feasts often consist of several courses of medieval recipes served family style. Bring along your feast gear and find a table of friendly SCAdians to sit with and enjoy a marvelous meal.

While many people have period-appropriate feast gear (mug, plate, silverware, bowl), do not worry if your gear is not. Bring what you have from your own cupboards and will need to eat a meal.

If medieval cooking is of interest to you, you can offer to help in the kitchen!

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