Come, join the Shires of Panther Vale and Mountain Freehold for a festive Yuletide celebration with fencing, fighting, feasting, and dancing on January 4th!

Panther Vale is happy to announce our bardic gatherings! Come together with friends for music, songs, poems, stories, and more!

Panther Vale’s 3rd Quarter meeting is this Sunday, October 13th. There will be a potluck lunch from noon to 1pm with the meeting to follow from 1pm to 3pm.

Archers at Lost Tip

Lost Tip 2019’s schedule is now available and can be viewed here. If you are a newcomer and have questions or will need to use Gold Key (loaner garb), please contact the chatelaine.

As summer gets into full swing and event season gets extremely busy, Panther Vale’s armored fighting, combat archery, and fencing practice is a break. Practice is planned to resume in late summer/early fall. Please stay tuned for an announcement for when the date is set!

A collection of photos by Arlyana van Wyck, Heather Fitzpatrick, Laura Flintbrook, Siubhan Wallace and Brita Pendane.

Monks in scriptorium

Thanks and gratitude to my incredible instructors, noble volunteers, amazing feastocrat, the kind folks at The Space on Main and our honored guests for helping bring the first Panther Vale Studium Generale to life.

The Miller’s Run school gym is wonderful. Lots of room for us to use, which means plenty of room even for combat archery.