I, Ivan Scherbatskoy, would like to offer my house to an arrow workshop for target arrows.  This would be next weekend – February 10, 2024 10am – 5 pm. LocationRead More →

The polling to see if we should change our status from Shire to Barony has been mailed to all paid members. Read More →

Medieval Zoom: the Boss, the Perfectly Lit Speaker, the Guy Who's Mostly Off-Camera, The One Who Uses Goofy Filters Even Though It's a Work Meeting, The Anonymous Thumbnail, the On-Camera Eater, The Other Thumbnail, the Backlit Mystery Who's Also On Their Phone, The One Who Doesn't Pay Attention, and the One Who Always Has a Cat.

This year, the following officer positions are up for election: Chronicler, Minister of Arts and Sciences, Minister of the Lists, Webminister and Seneschal.Read More →