Panteria fighters

Given the rapidly changing health environment, it is with heavy hearts that the Seneschal, officers of Panther Vale, and the event staff must announce that we are cancelling Panteria XXV for this year.Read More →

(Postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19) Our fighting, fencing and combat archery practices are every Tuesday in Sheffield, and our craft nights are every Wednesday in White River Junction.Read More →

Archers at Lost Tip

Lost Tip 2019’s schedule is now available and can be viewed here. If you are a newcomer and have questions or will need to use Gold Key (loaner garb), please contact the chatelaine.Read More →

As summer gets into full swing and event season gets extremely busy, Panther Vale’s armored fighting, combat archery, and fencing practice is a break. Practice is planned to resume in late summer/early fall. Please stay tuned for an announcement for when the date is set!Read More →