January 19, 2021 – January 23, 2021 all-day

Welcome to Mountain Freehold’s Distanced Yule, shared with Panther Vale!

The shires of Mountain Freehold and Panther Vale will be holding their joint Yule Feast/Twelfth Night this year as a series of virtual events (via Zoom and other platforms).

Our Autocrat is Dafydd.

Yule Activities via Zoom

Tues, Jan 19th

Gawain and the Green Knight, as read by Dafydd and Marieke. We used the Tolkien translation into quaint modern English, slightly abridged. Links will be provided to enjoy this 14th-century tale, which is a pre-recorded performance. The links will remain available on the Zoom cloud for 30 days.

Thurs., Jan 21st – 7 pm (1hr)

Open Bardic Circle. Participants will be able to share a song, a story, or a joke in real time. Rosie is hosting this session and will provide a link closer to the date. (Awaiting confirmation from Rosie; this might change.)
Sometime – we will have a link to a recorded bardic performance – details coming soon!

Sat., Jan 23 – 7-8 pm Feast!

We will offer this opportunity to break bread together virtually and share news and gossip, just as we enjoy so much at our in-person feasts. A link to the Zoom meeting will be provided soon. Garb up if you wish!
Saturday is also the suggested deadline to get your trinkets and small gifts to Lady Katherine for the Gift Package Distribution, for the 13 people who signed up. She will mail out the packages soon.

Ongoing Yule Activities During the Week

Cookie Exchange

We need a Coordinator for this project. Share your favorite cookies with others and get a plate of various cookies back! Sign up in advance and understand that this might not be a great match for those with special dietary requirements.

The coordinator will receive the cookies (promising not to eat them!) and send/mail them out to the recipients. Participants will have to mail their own cookies to the coordinator, and if possible, provide a suggested donation of $5 to help with the mailing of their cookies to the recipients. 

Gift packages

Lady Katherine has an idea for Gift Packages. Sign up with her in advance to contribute trinkets and small gifts items to be gathered and then shared with those who sign up. You will need to mail your items to Katherine, which she will then distribute to participants. There will be a suggested donation of $5, along with your items, to help cover mailing costs. 

Distanced Mathom Exchange

This will be a continuation of one of our favorite Yule traditions. People who wish to participate will provide a description/photo of their mathom along with the date of their first official SCA activity. The coordinator will compile the list and make it available to the participants.

Starting with the person who has found the SCA the most recently, an item is chosen from the list. Then we continue on with the next person with the least time of involvement until everyone has a mathom. (This might be managed as an evolving email over the week with items struck from the list as choices are made.)

The challenge is how to get the mathom from the gifter to the giftee. Smallish items could be mailed between participants. Another option could be for delivery/exchange being coordinated between the two.  

Other ideas are welcome – this is just a start. The more ideas we have, and the more people who volunteer to help, the better our Yule will be!

What say you?