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From Inception to a Recognized Shire

Written by Lady Margarita and Lady Muirgen
Edited by Lady Ruadhnait inghean Ruaidhri

Gather gentles all, to hear a tale of a Panther that roared....(Or, did it belch?)


In the beginning, Fall 1994 (A.S. XXVIII)

Charles, who was to become the first Seneschal of the group gathered together a group of individuals endowed with many gifts: basket-making, the sewing of garb, archery, and more, with the intent of forming a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Central Vermont area. Three of these original members still remain under the Panther's care...Lady Alida de Conti, Lady Margerita Kofinapoia, and Lord Kalf Sigurdson.


January/February of '95 (A.S. XXIX)

A small shire Yule was celebrated early in January.  Meetings were held on a weekly basis at that point.
    Charles - Seneschal
    Wilhelm - Herald
    Margarite - MoAS

There had begun correspondence with Mountain Freehold regarding zip codes to be given over to the new group.


Spring/Summer '95 (A.S. XXX)

Wilhelm and Margarite soon found their mundane lives too demanding for the offices they held and the offices passed to Crispin - Herald, and myself (Maggie/Margarita Kofinopoia) - MoAS.
The shire provided "gold key" for the festival goers of the Vermont Midsummer Festival in Montpelier as well as providing more fitting garb for the "King and Queen" of the festival and other minor displays.  Working together frantically we did manage to cobble together 60 basic t-tunics in various sizes in time for the festival and Mountain Freehold, who had agreed to become our sponsor shire, lent us their gold key as well.


Fall '95:

Officially recognized as an incipient shire.
Assisted incipient shire Dun ni Slieve (now River Stone)(*Shire of Wydhamshire-2006) in hosting Northern Lights.
Northfield Labor Day demo
Misc. School demos
Kate running meetings and acting as Seneschal even though their home location not quite annexed from neighboring shire/sponser yet.
Beginning of discussions for Panteria I.


Spring '96 (A.S.XXXI):

Kate in direct contact with Freehold due to a problem with the aforementioned annexation of Hardwick and Craftsbury and they agreed to cede the areas to us before the event was held there (we may still owe them for that ).
Panteria I: In an effort to bring their gifts and interests to the larger SCA population, the good gentles of Panther Vale decided to organize an event for all the East kingdom on Memorial Day Weekend: Panteria.  They found a beautiful haven by Nichols pond, Kahagon.  There were approximately 50 people in attendance, including the first of our equestrian visitors.



Kate received letter from Kingdom Seneschal officially ceding territories of Hardwick and Craftsbury and confirming her position as Seneschal.
Provided loaner garb for Midsummer Festival again.  Also had a small fashion show/walk through costuming history, demo fighting, and provided general info throughout the day - in the pouring rain no less).


Winter '96-'97:

Planning Panteria II - bigger and better.


Spring '97 (A.S. XXXII):

Panteria II: The second Panteria featured the talents of our most talented feastocrat (and current seneschal) whose abilities were soon spread far and wide. We also hosted a wedding of two members of Mountain Freehold. Panteria II hosted approximately 150 good gentles.


Winter '97 (A.S. XXXII):

Yule Feast - In the company of good gentles from Panther Vale and many from surrounding shires, we enjoyed good food, had music/dancing, and we learned from our Senechal, Lady Kate, that this year Panteria was to be a Royal Progress.


Spring '98 (A.S. XXXIII):

Panteria III (RP): We hosted the King and Queen's Equestrian Championship presided over by their Majesties Timothy and Gabrielle. Their Majesties had wonderful comments for all, bringing laughter to the all at the feast when King Timothy's eyes grew wider and rounder as each remove came. He personally called the cooks and servers to stand at the front of the hall for a round of applause. In addition, this year's events consisted of heavy weapons, archery, fencing, an A&S competition, Bardic Circle, and a Turkish Coffee-house. Panteria III hosted approximately 350 good gentles.


Fall '98:

We celebrated the harvest, with a demo/feast in Craftsbury Common, and at long last we learned that we were a full fledged shire!


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Now we are a Recognized Shire

Spring '99:(A.S. XXXIV):

Lady Ada was Seneschal? She work tirelessly to bring some AOA's into the Shire. Scherbatskia's joined again.

Spring 2000:(A.S. XXXV):

Spring '01:(A.S. XXXVI):

Meg Scherbatskoy elected Seneschal?

Spring '02:(A.S. XXXVII):

Spring '03:(A.S. XXXVIII):

Spring '04:(A.S. XXXIX):

Tiberius elected Seneschal?

Spring '05:(A.S. IL):

Spring '06:(A.S. ILI):

Spring '07:(A.S. ILII):

Spring '08:(A.S. ILIII):

Spring '09:(A.S. ILIV):

Spring '10:(A.S. ILV):

Spring '11:(A.S. ILVI):

Spring '12:(A.S. ILVII):

Spring '13:(A.S. ILVIII):

Spring '14:(A.S. ILIX):

Spring '15:(A.S. L):

Spring '16:(A.S. LI):

Panteria XXI - We are Twenty One so had a brewing contest in addition to the stuff....



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