Pomestnik Ivan Sergeevich Scherbatskoy (Jon Scherbatskoy)

Award of Arms (AOA), Archery Marshal, Captain of Panther Vale Archers

Ivan Sergeevich

Era: 11-12 century Russian Steppes

Joined SCA: 1998?

Activities: Archery, Storytelling, Brewing, putting up and taking down the #(%&@* yurt

Persona: Pomestnik Ivan Sergeevich was born in what is now known as Kiev, Ukraine as part of the Russia Steppes in the 12th century. Being the fourth child in his family he therefore did not receive anything from the estate other than his fathers rough iron sword and the title of 'Pomestnik' or "someone who received land from the grand prince". Ivan perfected his use of the bow and traveled gathering knowledge. He learned his story-telling from areas in the Steppes, Celtic Normandy, and especially from Celtic Britania from the Picts and the Scotti tribes with an emphasis on Natural Occurrences - why trees shed their leaves.

It should be mentioned that while his father was a land owner or "pomestnik" proper, Ivan was included in the stratum of "dvorianstvo" or "the feudal military service estate that made up the court of a prince or big boyar" through the use of his bow; having never mastered the iron sword given to him by his father. Pomestnik is more an honor given him through his travels for his knowledge of many things. Here is some information on early russian titles Russian Gentry Nobilty.

While traveling into the tribal area of Scotti, he met his wife Aldís Þorbjarnardóttir and they have continued to travel and collect herbs and stories together.

For more information on the Celtic tribes, try this Wikipedia site (probably sort of accurate)


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