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Our Seneschal oversees the administration of the Shire, as the president of another organization might do.

Siubhan Wallace (Judi Tazelaar)

Deputy Seneschal

Christoff of Swampkeype (Christopher Nowland)


The Chatelaine welcomes new members to the Shire and answers their questions.

þórrbjörn Grimulfsson (Cody Carter)


Our eagle-eyed Exchequer is the Shire’s treasurer.

Edward Talbot (Will Sartelle)

Deputy Exchequer



The Herald helps people research their personas and names, and can also act as the Master of Ceremonies or announcer at events.



Our Webminister performs the inversely anachronistic task of designing and maintaining our presence on the web.

Edward Talbot (Will Sartelle)


Our Chronicler is responsible for keeping and distributing our meeting minutes.

Julien MacBain (Paul Vallerand)

Minister of Arts & Sciences

The Minister of Arts & Sciences helps organize activities, assists people in finding resources and learning new skills, and relays information from the Kingdom.

Alienor Hathaway (Mariessa Dobrick)

Knight Marshal

Our Knight Marshal oversees the safety of combat activities in the Shire.

Tiberius Iulius Rufus Primus

Minister of Lists

Minister of Lists iconOur Minister of Lists maintains accurate records on the fighting activities and the fighters of the Shire, can help coordinate tournaments, and works with the Knight Marshal to maintain a list of authorized fighters.

Alida Conti (Alida VanDenBerg)