Panteria XXVI

May 26–29, 2023

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Panteria is our annual festival at picturesque Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, Vermont. Our many activities include heavy list combat, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, riding, arts & sciences classes, the Moonlight Ball, and bardic coffee house.

Our signature summer event, Panteria offers exciting combat opportunities: tournaments, melee games and practices, and training for armored, combat archery, rapier combatants and thrown weapons. There will also be opportunities to learn, authorize, and participate in these activities. In addition to these martial activities, we have equestrian games.

There will be an Arts and Sciences display, and a chance to interact with nobles looking to improve their craft. There will be a history display and a tea with some of Panther Vale’s founders.

If you are new to the SCA, this is a perfect introduction to how we do summer events, and we have activities designed just for you! Until then, check out our photo galleries of Panteria 2022 and Panterias past, and Master Gwen’s video collage!

Youth activities have a long history at Panteria. There is a full spectrum of activities for growing folks. Bring the whole family and get ready to embark upon a glorious Panteria XXVI!


  1. Could you explain bunks? Does a family of three have a space? Do you share?

    1. Greetings, In general if a family requests bunk space they are placed in a tent or adirondack shelter that sleeps 4-5 people. I do not put others in that tent or shelter with a family. If you need bunk space please email as soon as possible at as space is running very low.

  2. For those who decide to have horses you need to clean up the mess your animals leave behind on the road. There are people who live on the road and don’t appreciate having to walk or ride through it.

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