Panteria XXV: A March Through Time

May 27–30, 2022

It’s Panteria’s Silver Anniversary!

We welcomed warriors, scholars, artisans, cooks, dancers, archers, throwers, and maybe a few brigands back to the northern forests of Panther Vale. Twenty-five years ago, some stalwart folk founded a small event, and it’s run annually (and grown) ever since.


  1. Could you explain bunks? Does a family of three have a space? Do you share?

    1. Greetings, In general if a family requests bunk space they are placed in a tent or adirondack shelter that sleeps 4-5 people. I do not put others in that tent or shelter with a family. If you need bunk space please email as soon as possible at as space is running very low.

  2. For those who decide to have horses you need to clean up the mess your animals leave behind on the road. There are people who live on the road and don’t appreciate having to walk or ride through it.

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