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Most of our classes and events are newcomer-friendly. The class descriptions include a (Y) for classes that are specifically welcoming of accompanied children. Other classes may allow children; check with the teacher. It is still expected that an adult guardian will supervise, per kingdom law. 

Photo by Sage Élan De Janvier.

Bardic in the Daytime
Saturday, 1-3 pm, Troll/Programs Porch
Alienor Hathaway
This is an introduction to the Bardic Arts in the SCA. Please bring any questions you have! It will be followed by a Bardic Circle in the daytime. All are invited to perform or listen. No experience required. Bring a seat if you can. (Y)

Rhythm and Rhyme
Saturday, 4 pm, Mud Hut
Snoot Klavens
Poets and bards want to come up with lyrics that hit a rhythm, are fun, and sound good. Learn the musical and linguistic principles that make it easy to write your own poetry and lyrics, even to the point of being able to freestyle them for improvised songs. Class limit 6. 

Intro to Middle Eastern Dance
Saturday, 4pm, Tovarich Barn
Guðrún Sveinsdóttir
Join us for a movement-based Middle Eastern Dance class. All bodies and skill levels are welcome, even beginners. I will teach some of the basic movements for different regions, and break down the body mechanics, as well as teaching some ways to make your dance more in tune with the music (pun intended).Wear loose or stretchy clothing, and bring a scarf or strip of fabric for your hips, if you can. Bring water, too. (Y)

Do You Want To Play for the Hafla?
Saturday, 5pm, Tovarich Barn
Sean o Wode
Tips and tricks for playing with a group. Bring hafla-appropriate instruments (drums, percussion, melody instruments) if you have them, and be ready to interact with other musicians.