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Most of our classes and events are newcomer-friendly. The class descriptions include a (Y) for classes that are specifically welcoming of accompanied children. Other classes may allow children; check with the teacher. It is still expected that an adult guardian will supervise, per kingdom law. 

Names to Live By
Saturday, 10 am, Mud Hut
Ulric von der Insel
Well, I guess you better get a name chosen, before your friends and acquaintances give you one! Let’s look at first names and bynames and where they come from, from all over the many cultures. (Y)

Heraldry for Everyone
Saturday, 11 am, Mud Hut
Ulric von der Insel
So you want to design some kind of device? We’ll talk about traditional heraldry as well as heraldry for the pre-heraldic cultures and times. Lots of people painted their shields distinctive colors! (Y)

Newcomers Orientation
Saturday, 12 pm, Troll/Programs porch
Join Marieke on a walk through the site to discover what’s happening where, get your questions answered, and we might even meet some interesting people along the way!

Disability and Aging in the SCA
Saturday, 4:30 pm, Bunkhouse
Join us for a discussion of disability and aging in the SCA. Share your stories and ideas about how we can make improvements.

Home Sweet Home
Sunday, 10 am, Mud Hut
Ulric von der Insel
When you’re thinking about persona, do you picture a house or a home? Are you from a city, town, castle, or cottage in the wood? What about when you get an AoA or any other award? Does anything change? Let’s talk together about making your persona come more alive! I have pictures of period homes and furniture, too. (Y)

Scribal Meet-Up
Sunday, 11 am, Bunkhouse
Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccaforno
This is a chance for current and future scribes to meet each other, share tips and techniques, and answer questions. Newcomers are welcome – especially if you are interested in learning how to make beautiful illuminated pages for East Kingdom awards!