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Most of our classes and events are newcomer-friendly. The class descriptions include a (Y) for classes that are specifically welcoming of accompanied children. Other classes may allow children; check with the teacher. It is still expected that an adult guardian will supervise, per kingdom law. 

Photo by Sage Élan De Janvier.

Viking-Age Jewelry and Silversmithing
All day Saturday and Sunday, at Green Mountain Leathercraft
Ivar Njalsson
Stop by and chat with Ivar any time – he is happy to talk with you about this subject!

Intro to Blacksmithing: Making Utensils
Saturday, 1-3 pm, Portable Smithy near Joiner
Thomas of Mountain Freehold
Learn the basics of blacksmithing by making a fork and knife. Brought to you by the East Kingdom Blacksmith Guild. There will be a sign-up sheet at the smithy, so stop by on Saturday morning to sign up. Please bring any tools or safety gear you may have, such as eye protection, gloves, leather apron, ear plugs, hammers, tongs. There will be a limited amount available for use.

Live Steel Swords, Demo and Talk
Saturday, 2-4 pm, Metalworkers Pavilion
Richard Balzano
Learn about the history of swords, different types of swords, and how they were used. This class involves proximity to sharp bladed objects and is not suitable for young children.

Intro to Cloisonné Enameling
Sunday, 1-4 pm, Metalworkers Pavilion
Ruadhnait inghean Ruidhri
Cloisonné enameling is the art of creating a design with a ribbon of wire and fused glass. Each participant will be able to design and fabricate an enamel pendant to take home. We will be using a MAPP torch to fire the enamels. Please wear natural fiber clothing with no hanging sleeves. No previous experience is required. If children are interested in taking the class, their parents should come to talk to me ahead of time so they know what is involved, and I can get an idea of any extra help they might need. $5 materials fee. Bring jewelry pliers if you have them. 15 students max, 15 observers. (Y)