Panteria » Menu and Mealtimes

Breakfast 7–8:30 am
Lunch 12–1:30 pm
Feast 6–7:30 pm

Breakfast 7–8:30 am
Lunch 12–1:30 pm
Feast 6–7:30 pm

Saturday Breakfast

White chocolate and raspberry pancakes, Creton, Gluten-free donuts, Ham, Chicken sausage, Baked beans, Yogurt with dried fruit, Fruits, Juices and coffee

Saturday Lunch

Sausage and Meatballs (bratwurst, Genovese pesto sausage, linguiça marsala, beef and vegetarian meatballs, breads and rolls, fresh salads, condiments, fruit

Saturday Feast

A plate of cheeses, dried fruits, pickled veggies, duck prosciutto; roasted beef with cherries, savory bread pudding, herbed spatchcocked chicken, asparagus, wilted greens, and ricotta & currant pie

Sunday Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs with and without cheese, White pudding, Maple sausages, Home fried potatoes, Oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts, Fruit, Coffee and Tea

Sunday Lunch

Mix your own Asian Noodle House: broths, various noodles, teriyaki beef, shredded chicken, Korean barbecue pork, marinated tofu, eggs, fresh vegetables, and spices

Sunday Feast

A plate of dried beef, hummus, fresh veggies, yogurt pickled salad, and artichokes with cheese; pita breads, roast lamb, grilled meats and vegetables, chickpeas with spices, jeweled rice cakes, custards with rose and fruit syrups

All the above is subject to change dependent on availability and price of ingredients and cooks’ whim. Vegetarian and gluten free options will be provided.