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We will update the list as we add merchants! If you’d like to be a merchant at Panteria, please contact Bess.

Antony’s of Sheffield – feast gear and odds & ends like clothing, draw shave, wooden box, etc.

Auntie Arwen’s Spices – Unique, homemade spice blends with the freshest ingredients.

Bloodstone Dragon Jewelry – Handmade jewelry 

Brandr Forge – Blacksmith shop specializing in functional and decorative iron work as well as bladesmithing.

Cabachons – Silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, glass jewels with sew on settings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, portraits in great and small, and more.

Cloak & Dagger Creations – Trim, cloak clasps, circlets, and ready-made garb. Contact them if you’d like them to bring specific items or have a custom piece you would like them to make.

Diabolis Bazaar – Saris, feast gear, jewelry, maybe spices, and certainly Turkish coffee

Firebird’s Treasures – A variety of wares including ironwork, pearl and semi-precious stone jewelry, hats, pilgrim bags, pouches, and other accessories.

Green Mountain Leathercraft – Leather Goods, Beads, Jewelry, Socks, Misc.

Jen Hagan Acupuncture – NADA certified acupuncturist offering ear acupuncture that is meant to reduce anxiety and stress and increase calmness and focus. 

Lenneth’s Trading Post – Your money’s no good here. Lenneth trades various anachronistically, textiles, desirable objects, and many handmade things. You’re always welcome to stay for a chat. Find the trading post along well-traveled roadsides. 

Mhisty’s Coven Tree – Eclectic Spiritual gifts –  Stones, Herbs, Jewelry, Cloaks, Wall Hangings and Much More! Also find basic beginners tunics, belts, pouches, and daggers!

Mountain Greenery Designs – Jewelry, woven belts, paternosters, bead embellished bags.

The Plunder Sisters – Everything from feast gear to jewelry.

Rampant Wolf Forge – Forged goods, tent stakes, camping equipment, knifes, forks, spoons, hooks of all kinds, tripod/spit, cloak pins and as always custom made goods. 

Rockmaple Forge – Handcrafted knives and ironwork.

Sigrid and Magnus Leather Emporium – Handmade quivers, belts, pouches, haversacks, hats, and other various handmade items.

T.F. Woodcraft – Handmade tools for fiber arts including: lucets, naalbinding needles, drop spindles, embroidery frames and stands. Their pieces are finished to a high degree so that they will be silky to the touch and will not catch even the finest silks. They are also on Etsy and Facebook.

Thor’s Hammer – Metal work (fire pit irons, cooking forks, pot lifters, pot lid lifters, roasting spits, tent stakes, tent stake pullers, clothes hooks, bow rests, portable holes), archery supplies, cordage, jewelry, viking chairs, break down wooden chairs, spice boxes, knives.

Transmaille – TransMaille is a beautiful translation of metal into wearable kinetic art. Rings are woven together in ways honoring both traditional and modern chainmaille design, creating pieces that simultaneously armor and adorn. TransMaille is handmade with love, care, and minimal blood loss in central Vermont. 

VeriStorium – Viking hoods, drinking horns, pouches and bags. Some miscellaneous garb as well.

Victoria Greenia Biofield Tuning – Different schools of thought believe that our bodies, made up of electricity as it is, has a field that holds our energetic imprint that can indicate good or poor health in a body.  With tuning forks, Victoria can help guide misplaced energy back to the body to be processed. As the client receiving, you are fully clothed and can relax to the sounds of the Solfeggio frequencies. This treatment is not advised for those who are pregnant, have cancer, or have a pacemaker.

Waddon Woods – coffee, chai, books, gear, garb, and bad jokes!

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