Panteria » Merchants

Alas, although we cannot browse their wares in person, we can display this list of merchants who were confirmed for Panteria XXV before we had to postpone.

BloodStoneDragon — Jewelry

Cabochons — Silver jewelry, long stripey stockings, glass jewels with sew on settings, hand painted silks, unique jewelry with semi-precious jewelry, ceramic figurines, votifs and cookie stamps, Tchipakkan’s cookbooks, portraits in great and small.

Eadric O’Dubhghaill — Pottery

Green Mountain Leathercraft — Leather Goods, Beads, Jewelry, Socks.

Joy Harrington — Trim, fabric and chocolate confections

Meadhall Outfitters — Leather, hides, clothing, costumes, props and garb.

The Olde Ways — All-natural herbal products for health and beauty, organic teas and herb-related items.

The Plunder Sisters — Everything from feast gear to jewelry.

Thor’s Hammer — Metal work (fire pit irons, cooking forks, pot lifters, pot lid lifters, roasting spits, tent stakes, tent stake pullers, clothes hooks, bow rests, portable holes), archery supplies, cordage, jewelry, viking chairs, break down wooden chairs, spice boxes, knives.

Transmaille — TransMaille is a beautiful translation of metal into wearable kinetic art. Rings are woven together in ways honoring both traditional and modern chainmaille design, creating pieces that simultaneously armor and adorn. TransMaille is handmade with love, care, and minimal blood loss in central Vermont. 

Waltking Sticks — Walking sticks

What say you?