Panteria » Newcomers’ Point

Bess Brechin, Panther Vale chatelaine

Greetings newcomers, and welcome to Panteria XXIV!

I remember what it was like attending my first SCA event and how many questions I had. It can be a bit daunting! So, now, it is my pleasure to offer a Newcomer’s Track at Panteria.

First of all, if you have not done so yet, please look at our information for newcomers. Hopefully, you will find answers to many of your questions.

Panteria offers Gold Key, which is loaner garb, for those who do not have garb to wear. This is available to you throughout the weekend. If you use Gold Key, please return worn garb to the Gold Key ‘hamper’ by 9am Monday morning.

Be on the lookout for people wearing Newcomer Ambassador Badges. If you see someone wearing this badge, that means this person is particularly happy to have you approach them with questions.

Panteria is a Royal Progress event. This means that their Majesties, the King and Queen of the East Kingdom, will be joining us and hosting court. Learn more at the Newcomer’s Guide to SCA Court, Saturday at 11 am in Joiner.

Try It!

  • Try It: Archery – Loaner equipment is available! Anytime the archery range is open, stop by and speak with an archery marshal and ask if you can try archery.
  • Try It: Thrown Weapons – Loaner equipment is available! Anytime the thrown weapons range is open, stop by and speak with the thrown weapons marshal running the line and ask to try thrown weapons.
  • Try It: Combat Archery – Saturday – 1:00pm to 2:00pm – beside the battlefield – no armor, bows, or ammo needed. Combat archery targets will be setup for you to try shooting combat archery ammo. Try a crossbow or a handbow. You are also welcome to bring your own handbow (30 pound at 28” draw).
  • Try It: Fencing – Saturday and Sunday – 9:00am to 10:00am – fencing field – if you’d like to give fencing a try, stop by the fencing field during these times and ask to speak to the marshal in charge. He will have loaner gear for you to try fencing.
  • Ask It: Heavy List (armored combat) and Equestrian: While we would love to be able to have you try these, it is rather difficult at events. But please feel free to stop by and ask questions! If you like, we can help you find instructors who live near you.

Newcomers’ Classes

Panteria has a vast array of classes suitable for new people. This year, they include:

  • Site Walk for Newcomers
  • Introduction to Combat Archery
  • Big German Headwear
  • Ad Hoc Choir
  • Let’s Play Bocce!
  • Intro to Nalbinding
  • Kids Can Help in the Feast Kitchen!
  • Newcomer’s Guide to SCA Court
  • English Gothic Period Bladed Arms
  • Woven Buttons
  • The Carving of Kitchen Tools and Table Ware
  • Woods Walk for Plant and Tree Identification.
  • Cloisonné Enameling
  • Exploring Early Medieval Stained Glass
  • Sausage Making, for Youth
  • Chop and Chat
  • Coracle Launch
  • The Traveler & The Overnight: Sore Feet and Hospitality
  • The Trondheim Horse: A Wood Carving Exercise
  • Conducting a Reconnaissance Patrol
  • Intro to Middle Eastern Dancing
  • Firestarting with Flint and Steel
  • Making Spiral Finger-Rings
  • Glima: Viking Wrestling

If you have any questions about Panteria or attending SCA events and activities, please contact me.

I hope to see you at Panteria!

Bess Brechin, Panther Vale’s chatelaine

What say you?