Schedule » Armored Combat (heavy list)

Photo by Sage Élan De Janvier.

Please note that all unit battles will include combat archery, if a marshal is in attendance.


8–10 am: Inspections and Authorizations, Including Combat Archery, Field Open

10–11:30 am: Newcomer Tourney
This tournament is open to those whose authorizations are three years or younger. The tournament is meant to be a test of comportment and conduct, as well as prowess. The tournament will be in a round-robin format, meaning that all combatants will fight all other combatants at least once.

11:30 am–12:30 pm: Open Field

1–2 pm: Open Combat Archery
Next to the battlefield.

1:30–3 pm: Small Unit Battles/Field Battles

3–4:30 pm: Tourney of the Northern Seas
This tournament celebrates the honor and glory of combatants and their inspirations. Originally held in coastal Endewearde and hosted by THL Alexander Clarke, the current Champion, Volmar Solons, calls warriors and their inspirations to the third Tourney of the Northern Seas. The combatants will test their mettle against each other, doing honor to themselves and those they represent, as they battle for the honor of carrying the Sword of Seas for the upcoming year.


9 am–12 pm: Armored Tourney
The winner of this tournament will be decided based on prowess in a Bertie-Beetle Tournament, also known as a ‘body parts’ tourney. Each fighter must collect a “body part”: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, body and head. Each fighter must collect a complete set of trophies for display to the good folk of the Shire. The Tourney runs:

  • During a bout, each fighter’s blows to various body parts (limbs etc.) are recorded. The loser of the bout stays on.
  • Once a fighter collects a ‘part’, that part cannot be collected by the fighter again. The blows still count, but do not contribute to the collection for the combatant.
  • To collect a leg, you must ‘leg’ the person first before killing them in another manner.
  • If a fighter happens to kill an opponent with a blow to the head, but they’ve already “collected” a head, the bout still ends.
  • The first person to collect all body parts is the winner.

1:30–3 pm: Woods Battle

3–4 pm: Open Field

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