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Photo by Sage Élan De Janvier.


Field opens at 10 am, with inspections

10 am–12 pm: Pickups

12–1 pm: Field closes for lunch.

1–3 pm: Token Challenge Tournament
This event will follow last year’s format: each fighter will receive three wooden tokens upon which to place their mark. After each match, the loser gives the winner one of their tokens. When you run out of the tokens you created, you are out. Dead is dead, so in the event of a double kill, both fighters surrender a token to the List Minister.

3–4 pm: Panther Vale Fencing Champion Tourney 2023
The Shire Champion of Fencing will be decided based on prowess in a Bertie-Beetle Tournament, also known as a ‘body parts’ tourney. Each fencer must collect a “body part”: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, body and head. Each fencer must collect a complete set of trophies for display to the good folk of the Shire. The Tourney runs:

  • During a bout, each fencer’s blows to various body parts (limbs etc.) are recorded. The loser of the bout stays on.
  • Once a fencer collects a ‘part’, that part cannot be collected by the fencer again. The blows still count, but do not contribute to the collection for the fencer.
  • To collect a leg, you must ‘leg’ the person first before killing them in another manner.
  • If a fencer happens to kill an opponent with a blow to the head, but they’ve already “collected” a head, the bout still ends. 
  • The first person to collect all body parts is the winner.

All are welcome to enter. The winner of the Tourney will be responsible for running the tournament in a format of their choosing the following year.

4–5 pm: Pickups

5 pm: Field closes for the evening


Field opens at 10 am, with inspections

10 am–12 pm: Small format melee (teams of 5)

12–1 pm: field closes for lunch.

1–3 pm: Random Style Tournament
Each fighter will draw a token from a bag that has a style on it. Should they not be authorized in said style, they must fight single-sword.

3–5 Pickups

5 pm: Field closes for event

Due to the small size of the field, use of RBGs will not be permitted. There is too much risk to spectators. Those authorized in spears are welcome to use them.

Inspections will include review of authorization cards, and this requirement will be strictly adhered to. Fighters utilizing weapons forms they are not authorized in during tournaments and melees will be removed from the field. Fighters using pickup time to train in a new weapons form, or authorizing in a new form is permitted, as long as the marshal overseeing the activity is aware of the situation and due caution is taken.