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Children running
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For Youngsters

Dragon Hunt on Sunday from 12–1 pm, starting at Troll porch.

Old and New Arts & Sciences Competition

Saturday 10 am–5 pm, Troll Building

Bring in your oldest project that you can find. The older the better. Then bring in your newest project (even if it is not completed) to see how far you have come!


Friday, 7:30 pm, fire pit at the Fencing field

Please join us as we pass the Bardic Cup! Bring your favorite songs to sing, tunes to play, stories to be heard, or just pass time with good company. As the cup passes, each person will have their turn to contribute a piece, or to pass, so all will have a chance to entertain or be entertained! We’ll have water on hand, but please feel free to bring your favorite beverage. A fire will provide light and warmth as well as an apropos atmosphere.


Saturday and Sunday, 6–7:30 pm, Dining Hall


Saturday, 8-10 pm, Tovarich Barn

Join us for an evening of Middle Eastern Music and Dance! (Y)

Coffee House

Sunday following the Feast, Dining Hall

Performers of all ages are welcome to attend and perform in this annual event. Children usually go early in the evening, as the event can run late. Those choosing to perform should prepare something between two and five minutes long, and pay attention to the person organizing the order of performance so they are ready when called. Youth are welcome to stay and listen to other performances, but should not talk when others are performing.