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The legal drinking age in the state of Vermont is 21. We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking. Really. If you choose to drink, you are still responsible for your actions, and actions that pose a danger, or are hurtful to yourself or to others, will not be tolerated and could result in expulsion from the event without refund. We don’t want to lose the right to use Camp Farnsworth.


Camp Farnsworth is a 100+ acre partially wooded site located in a remote rural area with a large of body of water and a major highway at its edge. For the safety of the children, we require that those under 5 be with a parent or guardian, and that children between the ages of 5 and 12 be within sight/sound of a parent or guardian at all times. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Chronic non-compliance with this policy may result in the parties involved being asked to leave the site without a refund.

Also, minors attending with an adult other than their parent or legal guardian are REQUIRED to present both a notarized medical consent form and a minor’s release form signed by their parent or legal guardian.


The Dining Plan provides breakfast, lunch and a simple feast on both Saturday and Sunday. Guests choosing to be a part of the meal plan will be expected to help set up, or cook, or clean up for one meal. This allows everyone a part in the shared experience and not trap anyone in the kitchen for the whole weekend. Coffee, tea & hot water are available to all in the Dining Hall.


Fires must be contained in a raised brazier or existing fire pit. There is limited firewood on site, but it can also be obtained from the village store in Thetford Center, at the bottom of the hill to the right as you exit camp. Do not transport firewood across state lines.

Parking and Off-loading

After unloading your vehicle, please move it to one of the parking areas designated on the site map.


Unfortunately, the policy of the Girl Scout Council of the Green and White Mountains does not allow pets except for service animals and animals integral to the re-enactment. Thus horses for the equestrian competitions are allowed, but other pets are not unless they meet the criteria above. The Girl Scouts Camp Ranger makes this determination, not the event steward. So if you want to make the case that your pet is integral to your persona and your re-enactment, we will forward the request to the Ranger.

Quiet Hours

With consideration for the families that will be camping at Panteria, quiet hours will begin at eleven p.m. (23:00). Please continue to enjoy your friends but be considerate of those around you.


Recycle at the zero-sort dumpster near the Dining Hall.


Two shower houses with hot running water are available. Please be considerate of time and hot water when it is your turn.


Smoking and use of e-cigarettes is allowed outside and in private campsites only. Out of respect for the Girl Scouts who allow us to use their camp, please be sure to clean up all butts!

Site Tokens

Site tokens need to be worn so they are visible at all times.


Panther Vale’s policy is that the site ends at the water’s edge. We do not provide lifeguards and our insurance will not cover swimmers. Therefore, swimming is at your own risk. The pool is closed.

Trash Removal

Please leave your campsite as clean as you found it. Containers for your bagged trash will be found around the camp. Please use the zero-sort recycling dumpster near the Dining Hall.


Potable water spigots are located in several locations around the site, and will be indicated on the site map in your program.


Springtime in Vermont often has extremes in temperature. It has been known to be 90° F during the day some years. It has, also, been known to be 30° F overnight. Please, for your own comfort, pack with both extremes in mind. We want everyone to have a good time.

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