Panteria 2019 Schedule » Youth Activities

The shaded space between Joiner and the Bathhouse is our Youth and Family Point! Should you want to set up a superyard (aka Baby Thunderdome) for shared baby and toddler play space, this would be the place to do it. Bring your own camp chairs, make yourselves at home with access to youth classes, bathrooms, and the swings. Please leave room for classes on the portion of the area closest to the street. 

Youth and Family Program classes are NOT drop-off. Parents and guardians are responsible for their own children at all times. 

Coordinator: Lady Albreda Aylese


9 – 11 am. Youth Combat
Div 1 (ages 6-9)
must have a parent/guardian at the list at all times. Div 2 (ages 10-13) must have a parent/guardian sign them in and stay on site. Div 3 (ages 14-17) must be signed in by a parent/guardian who do not need to stay on site, but should be reachable by phone in case of emergency. Forms may be signed by parents/guardians in advance for Div 3 fighters attending without a parent/guardian, but who have proper forms filed with Gate. Some loaner gear available. Youth Combat List.

9 – 10 am. Youth Garb Swap
Swamped with clothes that don’t fit your kid, and don’t have nearly enough that do? Is your kid sick to death of their garb and wants to try something new? Come swap with other parents (older kids welcome, too!) and hopefully leave with garb that fits. You don’t need to donate to pick some out. Any youth garb still left at 1PM will be donated to the Panther Vale Gold Key to outfit our newcomers. Front of Joiner.

10 – 11 am. Hnefetafl
With Lady Embla. Come learn this strategic board game played in Nordic and Celtic lands from the 4th to 12th centuries. It’s a great game, easy to learn, and quiet enough to play during Court. Front of Joiner.

10 – 11 am. Kids Can Help In The Feast Hall
With Master Aethehawk. If you have ever wanted to help in the kitchen, or with serving feast, this class will give you a tour of the kitchens, and specific details about what kids of all ages can do to help feed the populace. Dining Hall.

11 am – 12 pm. Kubb
With Brenden. This Viking age lawn game, sometimes considered a cross between bowling and horseshoes, is easy to learn, and good for all ages. Don’t be surprised if you see it played all weekend long! Outside Joiner.

1 – 1:30 pm. Equestrian Meet & Greet
Lady Laura Flintbrook and Viscountess Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragonkeep. Come talk to the riders and say hello to the horses! Ask questions about equestrian activities in the SCA. Barn.

1 – 2 pm. Tracking
Black Finn, a member of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild, will teach kids the basics of tracking animals by their footprints and other signs of their passage. Joiner.

1 – 2 pm. Give Combat Archery A Try!
Combat archery is family friendly, and kids of all ages are welcome to come give it a go! Children will need a parent or guardian to help them load their bolts. Combat Archery Field.

1 – 2 pm. Sausage Making for Youth
With Master Aethelhawk. Ready to get your hands really, really clean, and then really, really dirty? Join Taz as you make some of the sausages that will be served later on! Dining Hall.

2 – 3 pm. Storytelling Scrolls
With Augusta Rose Diamond. Come listen to an experienced storyteller weave her tale, then create a story scroll as you prepare a storytelling performance of your own! Front of Joiner.

4:30 – 6 pm. Youth Combat Tourney
Combatants should have participated in the morning session so armor and skills can be assessed before the tourney. Other children are welcome to come cheer for all contenders! Please see rules as listed for Saturday morning session. Youth Combat List.

4:30 – 6 pm. Teen Super Seekrit Shenanigan Planning Meeting
Teenagers are absolutely welcome to continue to enjoy the Dragon Hunt as participants, but any who want to get in behind the scenes of making the Dragon Hunt happen are encouraged to help plan Sunday’s schtick.  Front of Joiner.


9 – 10 am. Making Tokens and Stuffing the Toy Box
Craft workshop for both kids and parents. Kids can work on making personal tokens to give to those who inspire them, be they A&S entrants, fighters on the field, or anyone else who they want to commend. Adults can work on making toys to donate to the toy box. BYO, or just follow along on predetermined projects. Front of Joiner.

9:30 – 11 am. Youth Combat
Some loaner gear available. Please see rules as listed for Saturday morning session. Youth Combat List.

10 – 11 am. Medieval Music and Dance for Young Children
Dance bransles with your babies! Play tambourines with your toddlers! Specifically planned for very young Scadians (up to age 6 or so). Will be outside if the weather is fine, and inside (and more about music than movement) otherwise. This is not a drop-off class. Front of Joiner.

11 am – 12 pm. Youth Firestarting
Learn fire safety and how to light a fire with flint and steel from Clovis, a member of the East Kingdom Foresters Guild. Max. ten kids, ages 10 and up. Younger kids can watch with a parent if it is safe. All participants must wear closed-toe shoes. Meets at Joiner, using the Mud Hut hearth.

11 am – 12 pm. Youth Intro to Archery
Come get some very patient instruction, and have a wonderful start to a summer on the range. Children may attend by themselves if they can string, unstring, and draw their own bows. Archery Field.

The children of the North have a reputation for bravery, tenacity, and teamwork! Beasts both vicious and mysterious from all over the Knowne World and beyond have come to Panteria to test the mettle of East Kingdom youth season after season, and nary a one has escaped its rightful destiny to date! This year, though, Fortune has truly smiled upon us, as mystical forces have decreed that the youth of the kingdom are to be rewarded for their many years of exemplary service! Vivant! Just one teeny, tiny, little quest before they can all reap their rewards. Starts at Joiner, ends at Program Building.

1 – 2 pm. Youth Fencing
With Lady Frenya Thorsteinndottir. Ages 6-17, parent/guardian must be in attendance throughout. Fencing List.

1 – 4 pm. Youth Arts & Sciences Display
Panteria is hosting the Northern Region A&S Competition this year, and while youth are not permitted to enter the Championship (whomever wins is expected to run it next year), artisans and scholars of all ages are welcome to display their work! Youth entrants are encouraged to bring simple documentation, but basic, age-appropriate prompts will be available to help kids write beginning documentation at the display. Youth entrants are particularly encouraged to sit with their work so they can answer questions and receive feedback between 2-3 PM. Program Building.

1:30 – 2:30 pm. The Medieval Warhorse
With Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick. Learn all about the anatomy, equipment and weapons of a modern horse in the SCA. Lower Barn.

2 – 3 pm. Youth Guide to A&S Displays and Competitions
How do A&S displays and competitions work? What do I need to know to attend one? How should I talk to the entrants? If I decide to enter, how do I do basic documentation? What can I expect? This class starts as discussion, then we’ll visit the Northern Region A&S Championship together, and hopefully see some young entrants sitting with their work! Meets at Joiner, ends at Gate.

3 – 4:30 pm. Youth Woods Battle
Just like the adult version, youth fighters will be fighting melee scenarios in their very own woods battle! Combatants should have attended at least one of the two morning sessions of youth combat so their equipment and skills can be adequately assessed before the battle. Please see Rules as listed for Saturday morning session. Starts at the youth combat list.

4 – 6 pm. Kubb Tourney
With Brenden. Learn to play the game Saturday morning, practice all weekend, and show off your skills Sunday afternoon! If there are enough entrants the group will be divided up into divisions by age, so please sign up at Joiner by 3 PM Sunday if you want to compete! Outside Joiner. 

7:30 – 10:30 pm. Coffee House
Performers of all ages are welcome to attend and perform in this annual event. Children usually go early in the evening, as the event can run late. Those choosing to perform should prepare something between two and five minutes long, and pay attention to the person organizing the order of performance so they are ready when called. Youth are welcome to stay and listen to other performances, but should not talk when others are performing. Program Building.

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