Panteria XXII

Camp Farnsworth
Thetford, VT
May 26-29, 2017

War is Coming
War is Coming

Warm winds blow the greening grass on the lovely southern slopes of Vermont.  Panteria looks forward to enjoying your company at picturesque Camp Farnsworth in Thetford, Vermont.  We will again have all the wonderful activities that you have come to know and love:  Heavy list, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, equestrian, A&S classes (with a new culinary tract), the Moonlight Ball, and bardic coffee house.  

We are expecting Many Merchants to be lining up their caravans to provide you with wares not to be missed. 

The hearth fires are lit and the tables reinforced to bear the weight of the copious platters provided by the cooks of the Great Panteria Meal Plan!  The East Kingdom's most prestigious shall again provide Breakfast, Lunch and a One Course feast both Saturday and Sunday to please your palete and loosen your belt.  Join the community of eaters, cooks, and cleaners where everyone helps and no one goes hungry.

The meal plan is sold out.

The Complete Meal Plan for the weekend will be coming soon.
Kosher, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options available at all meals WITH prior notice.

Come listen of the thunder of hooves off the mountains this Memorial day weekend in the always lovely Thetford, Vermont.

It has had snowball fights... in May. It has had feasts... that last for days. It's arrows always hit the target... even when not aiming at them. It's axes stick... from the handle. The swords fall like rain... from exhausted hands.

The autocrat has received many questions. They would request that you begin your browsing by reading their answers to FAQ and the accompanying Site Rules on the left side. Any new questions will be happily answered and possibly added to this list.

Their Royal Majesties are coming!

There will be Royal Progress in Archery and Equestrain

Having just progressed through their coronation, HRM Ioannes Aurelius SerpentiusĀ and HRM Honig will be gracing our lands with a visit during Panteria XXII. They will also be organizing the Kings and Queens Championship for Archery And the Kings and Queens Champioinship for Equestrian. Please send all correspondence in reference to the Championships to them through the link at the EastKingdom site

Panther Vale, of course, will want to have a gift basket to receive their highnesses at court. Panther Vale will also want other items to make their visit more enjoyable. The Royal Liaison will be Master Tiberius

TRH Tarragonn
(click on image for full size)

Please looks at their TRM website for information about what they would appreciate.


Aleta Argent of Panther Vale m/k/a Allison Wall.

THE MERCHANTS are coming!

Here is a recent list of the merchants at Panteria XXII (MS Word docx)

Your reservations not guaranteed unless it is paid (except for folks from Tir Mara and other non-US groups who may pay their reservations at Troll).

Help us prepare by registering early ...
         You must pre-register by May 20
          for Meal Plan.

download Pre-Registration Packet (pdf)
download Pre-Registration Packet (MS Word)

Please read the Panther Vale Refund Policy before continuing.

Make checks payable to
"SCA, Inc., Panther Vale"

Before May 20th
Mail to:
Panteria Registration

   c/o Judi Tazelaar
   642 West Street
   Brookfield, VT 05036


Email (with attached registration form) to:


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