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Introduction to Basic Blackwork

Etain ingen Ui Neill

This class is for those with no Blackwork experience. We will go over materials and start a small project.

1 hour

Silk, Gold, and the Glory of God: An Overview of Western Ecclesiastical Embroidery

Amalie von Hohensee

This lecture-based class will discuss the basics of Western church embroidery from c. 1250-1600. From Opus Anglicanum to or nué, ecclesiastical embroidery combined painstaking labor, incredible skill, and sumptuous materials to create some of the greatest works of textile art the world has ever seen. We will cover the evolution of artistic styles seen in these pieces as well as the embroidery techniques used to create these magnificent works, including some practical ideas about how to create your own works based on these embroideries.

1.5 hours

Learn to Nalbind

Bess Brechin

Nalbinding is an old technique for creating fabrics/garments and pre-dates knitting. The technique utilizes a single needle (a nal) and a non-continuous length of yarn to make a series of loops to create textiles. The resulting textile is sturdy and looks great!

I will attempt to teach how to nalbind virtually. I will cover the basics of getting started with nalbinding and will show how to do the Oslo stitch. Bring your own yarn and a needle and try nalbinding alongside me. A pdf handout will be emailed to those who participate so you can hopefully continue at home.

If you plan to try alongside me, consider one of two approaches:

1) Just learning – this approach is as it says, you are just learning, and it is more about being able to make the stitches and practice and not about making something. If you take this approach, an inexpensive yarn, like acrylic, is great for this.

2) Learning to make something – You can learn and begin making an item. Use a 100% pure wool yarn (not super wash). The simplest item you can try to make is a pair of fingerless gloves. You may wish to practice with some cheap yarn to begin (yarn you are OK with throwing out your practice work) then switch to the wool yarn.

Materials to bring to class:

  • Tapestry or nalbinding needle
  • Worsted or bulky weight yarn

1 hour

Survey of Counted Work Embroidery

Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno

Are you interested in learning counted-work embroidery but do not know where to start?  What even is counted work? From Assisi to Florentine, blackwork to brick stitch, cross stitch to drawn thread work, we will go over the basics of several different types of counted work, as well as provide different examples of projects you can start with and what materials to use. This class will mainly be lecture based with tons of materials for you to pursue later, but if we have time at the end, we can play around with some stitches.

30 minutes

Athena’s Thimble Panel

The Keepers of Athena’s Thimble is the Embroiderers’ Guild of the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The guild provides an active forum for those involved in researching and creating embroidery as done in the pre-seventeenth century world.

2 hours

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