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The Deed of Arms for Beginners

Baron Alexendre l’Espangol de Orleinz

A description and breakdown of a Deed of Arms. For the beginner.

1 hour

Pomp and Pageantry, the Formal Deed

Baron Alexendre l’Espangol de Orleinz

The pomp and pageantry of the formal deed. From garb, to armor, to heraldry.

1 hour

Introduction to Latin

Aelia Fortunata

Have you ever wanted to sort out your ‘veni, vidi, vicies’ from your ‘alea iacta ests?’ Are you curious about the phonology and grammar of Latin?

If so, let your curiosity be satisfied! Join Domina Aelia Fortunata for an introductory crash course to the Latin language!

Recommended Materials: Pen and paper or some other means of note-taking. A handout will be provided.

1 hour

Modern Racism & the Vikings

Mord Hrutsson

Over the last few years white supremacist groups have used Viking Age symbols as part of their hateful ideology. More disturbingly, these racist groups have sought to join and recruit in historical organizations such as the SCA. Mord Hrutsson has looked into and studied this phenomenon, and will discuss what symbols used, the history of racism and the use of the Viking Age, and what he thinks we should do about it. All are welcome.

1 hour

Writing our Own History: The Administration of the SCA

Regnulf of Crakehale

While our focus is rightfully on the parts of this hobby we enjoy, a sprawling organization, as any ancient empire, functions on the strength of its bureaucracy. The documents we produce should be relevant, informative and useful to those who follow after us. We will look at four distinct documents and examine ways to make them useful now and in the future. In this class we will examine Meeting Minutes, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and the structures of each. Students will be encouraged to bring documents they would like reviewed, ask questions and collaborate on ways to improve how we record our own history.

Recommended Materials: Writing materials, any branch documents they might like reviewed, a willingness to ask questions.

1 hour

SCA on a Budget

Zofeia Ă–rebek

This class is for those who may feel intimidated by the potential economic barriers that the SCA can present. Topics will include:

  • Starter garb for those who can’t sew/have no sewing machine access
  • Starter armor
  • Academic resources for research
  • Camping when you have no clue what you’re doing
  • Basic SCA Kit workarounds(storage/feast gear/etc.)
  • Other concerns not listed above that may arise.

30-45 min

Rose Beads  – A Period(ish) Craft, with History of Medieval Pomanders

Katherine Slough

I’ll show how to make rose beads, and discuss some history of genuine medieval pomanders and how they were used.

1 hour

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