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The Agincourt Soldier

Alexander Clarke

What did the common soldier take with him to campaign through France in 1415?

What was expected of a soldier, Man at Arms, or Knight?

Learn about the English military structure at the close of the Hundred Years War, and dispel some of the myths of the Battle of Agincourt.

1 hour

The Multiple Cultures of Norman Sicily

Adelisa Salernitana

Sicily and Southern Italy during the period of the Normans had a rich, multicultural society unique in the Middle Ages. Latins, Greeks, Muslims, and Jews mingled and created a culture that has its echoes in Sicily even today. What do you need to know to portray someone from Norman Sicily? We’ll review the timeline and tidbits about food, dress (at least at the royal court), music, and languages.

1 hour

For He Was a Forester…I Guess.

Alexander Clarke

We’ll talk about what it meant to be a forester in the late 14th/early 15th century through an analysis of Chaucer’s “Yeoman” as described in The Canterbury Tales.

1 hour

Portraying the Armed Gentleperson in 16th-Century Europe

Lorenzo Gorla

Are you a courtier in Elizabeth’s court? An up-an-coming noble? A hot-headed duelist? Maybe someone just dressing in the latest fashion? Then the rapier is the best fashion accessory you can ask for. Who wears arms in the streets of 16th-century European cities? What laws are there to regulate them? How are they worn? How likely are they to know how to use their sword? Let’s discuss your 16th-century persona and how they would look at their personal arms, the instruction of their use, and their place in polite society.

1 hour

Crypto-Jews of the Iberian Peninsula

Alienor Hathaway

Large numbers of Jewish people were forced to convert to Christianity starting in Seville in 1391. Jews were officially expelled from Spain in 1492. Any who lived in Portugal were forced to convert in 1497. All Jews who didn’t leave converted to Christianity. Some were genuine converts but many took their religion underground. This class will give a history, brief survey of customs and the vocabulary of the Crypto-Jews of Portugal and Spain. This class is educational in nature and will discuss religious beliefs for educational purposes.

1 hour

The Florentine Women’s Wardrobe: An Introduction

Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno

Have you been wanting to take the plunge into your Florentine persona’s wardrobe but just didn’t know where to start? We will look at the clothing layers and accessories you will need to get started, from the 14th century to the 16th century. Learn the names of the different layers. Resources and websites will be shared so that you can start to construct your own garb. If time allows, we will go through some tips and tricks for construction of some of the items.

1 hour

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