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The Mechanical Seamstress

Instructor: Alida de Conti 

Learn how to set up and use a sewing machine to get you in garb in time for event season. In this class learn how to thread and use your sewing machine.

  • No fee 
  • Maximum Participants: 4 
  • Maximum Observers: 4 

Early Period Garb 


Instructor: Bess Brechin 

In this class, you will choose to make a piece of simple garb – a men’s tunica, a women’s tunica, or a pair of ‘bog’ pants/shorts. 

Since this class will require you to bring materials and there is room for only 6 people, PLEASE SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME. It will be first emailed, first served. To sign up, please email me.

When you sign up, I will correspond with you to make sure you get the materials you will need for the class. If all 6 spots get taken, you are welcome to attend to observe and learn. 

Please Bring: Fabric – wash, dry, and iron prior to the class (I will correspond with you to help you determine how much to bring) as well as thread that matches your fabric.

Optional materials: Fabric scissors, your own sewing machine and supplies, trim (if using), tailor’s tape, straight edge, sewing notions.

  • Material Fee: see above 
  • Maximum Participants: 6 
  • Maximum Observers: 6 

Introduction to Nalbinding 

Instructor: Bess Brechin

Nalbinding is a fabric creation technique that predates knitting and crocheting. In this class, I’ll teach you how to get started with the aim of being able to continue to nalbind at home. I’ll cover at least one basic stitch, talk about garment construction, and have a pdf instructional handout I can email so you have instructions to continue at home. 

  • Materials: If possible please bring nalbinding/tapestry needles and 100% wool yarn 
  • Maximum participants: 10 
  • Maximum observers: 10 

Create a Smocked Apron in an Hour 

Instructor: Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccacurno 

The smocked apron is at once both fashionable and practical. A staple of medieval wardrobes through the later Middle Ages, learn how to craft your own piece of practical art. Learn the basics of honeycomb-smocking, an easy pattern for beginners. In just an hour, you will make your own apron. 

Please bring one yard (36” x 55”) of medium weight linen (selvedge to selvedge), as well as a long strip of linen (about 4” wide) that you can tie around your waist. Some thread will be provided, but feel free to bring your own linen, cotton, or silk threads (one matching, one contrasting, or both). If you have a long needle, such a Milliner’s needle, it will be helpful, otherwise there will be some to share. 

  • Materials: Five pieces of linen will be available to purchase onsite at a cost of $10/yard.
  • Maximum participants: 8 
  • Maximum observers: 5 

Introduction to Fingerloop Braiding 

Instructor: Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin 

Learn a simple fingerloop pattern that can be used to create two different cords. Handouts and string will be provided. Students should have time to complete both variations of the pattern. 

  • No fee 
  • Maximum Participants: 10 

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