Bylaws and Policies » Panther Vale Inventory Policy

Title I: Purpose 

  1. The purpose of this policy is to manage shire non-monetary assets and equipment, such that it is easily accounted for, maintained, and organized. 
  2. The Exchequer, being ultimately responsible for the disposition of all shire personal property, shall be the arbiter of any disputes regarding this policy. 
    1. The authority of appeal shall be the Seneschal. 
  3. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Exchequer. In an emergent situation where the Exchequer cannot be contacted, any deviation, with explanation, must be provided to the Exchequer as soon as possible. 
  4. The Exchequer may, at their discretion, delegate the authority under this policy to a Quartermaster, who shall be a Special Deputy Exchequer as outlined in the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Handbook. 
    1. The term Quartermaster shall be used throughout this policy, however if no quartermaster is named, the Chancellor of the Exchequer remains responsible. 

Title II: Office of the Quartermaster 

  1. The Quartermaster shall be the delegate of the Exchequer responsible for all shire personal property. 
  2. The Quartermaster shall keep records of all shire equipment, inventory, gear, and other physical assets that are not attributable to cash, securities, or other monetary instruments. The Quartermaster is appointed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and serves for the duration of their term. Should no Quartermaster be appointed, the Chancellor shall retain the title and responsibilities. 
  3. Each year, the Quartermaster shall be responsible to take inventory of all shire personal property and present a complete inventory to the Shire Exchequer, to be presented to the Populace for its Quarter 3 meeting. 
    1. The inventory shall contain the amount and disposition of each asset, who possesses it, if issued to a person, and its location, if held anywhere else but directly by the Quartermaster. 
    2. Shire officers shall be responsible to report the disposition of equipment in their custody, care and control before the 15th of September each year, to ensure the Quartermaster has time to complete the inventory. 
    3. The Quartermaster shall maintain a form for the reporting of Shire Inventory and distribute that form to Shire Officers to use for the purpose of reporting Shire property in their possession. 
    4. The Inventory report may be completed by compiling these forms and including the form for what is in the Quartermaster’s direct control; a separate report is not necessary. 
    5. For any asset that has been destroyed in the previous year, the reason for its destruction and when it was destroyed. 
    6. Destruction shall be defined as the loss of an asset, or its use by the shire, due to becoming irreparably damaged, whether by deliberate act, an act of nature, or wear and tear, or its deliberate discard for any reason. 
    7. Once an asset has been classified as destroyed, it shall be removed from the inventory list permanently between the Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 business meetings 

Title III: Possession of Shire Equipment 

  1. Shire Officers 
    1. For the purpose of this section, “Shire Officers” shall include High Officers, Lesser Officers, their deputies as appointed, or those persons who have been delegated a duty by one of the heretofore listed persons for the duration of time that duty has been delegated to them. 
    2. Shire Officers shall be responsible for the equipment owned by the shire that their office is required to possess in the execution of their duties. 
    3. Transfer of this equipment shall be made within 30 days of an election that sees an office change hands. The transfer will be recorded by the Quartermaster, and signed off by both the outgoing, and incoming, officer. 
    4. Should an officer step down, and no replacement is elected, that officer shall surrender any equipment to the Quartermaster within 30 days of the termination of their duties. Both the outgoing officer and Quartermaster shall sign off on this transfer. 
    5. The Quartermaster may, at their discretion dependent on the cause of the office changing hands, require the outgoing officer to file an affidavit attesting that all equipment has been transferred to the new officer.
    6. If the change of possession of equipment cannot be made in the 30 days given, the original possessor must give written cause of the delay for official record. 
  2. Shire Populace 
    1. A member of the Shire populace may request the use of Shire property for the sole purpose of conducting shire business. 
    2. The member shall sign out any shire personal property at the time they take possession of it, and sign it back in upon its return. The Quartermaster shall then countersign. 
      1. This policy shall not apply if it is possessed in the travel to, operation of, or return from any event put on by the shire. 
      2. In this case, the property in question shall be returned to the Quartermaster or officer guardian after the event no more than 30 days after the conclusion of the event. 
      3. Should this not be possible, the Quartermaster shall issue the property to the member of the populace, with an effective date of the beginning of the event, until the property can be returned. 
    1. Should the annual inventory take place while Shire property is in their possession, the member shall be responsible to fill out an inventory form in the same manner as shire officers. 

Created October 23, 2022